Should I Buy a Smartwatch for Christmas?

Should I Buy a Smartwatch for Christmas?

Christmas, and the end of the year in general, makes us all rethink our lifestyles in one way or another. Something about having the time to relax and reflect on the inevitable and fast approaching beginning of a new year pushes us to want to become better. This, combined with the post-holiday health rush might make you think “Should I buy a smartwatch for Christmas?”. The answer depends on what you want to achieve and what your goals are after the festive period has passed. There are generally three reasons why one might consider buying a smartwatch and they are to get fit, to monitor your health or to get organized.

To Get Fit

During the holiday season we end up enjoying ourselves sometimes maybe a little too much. The end of the year is filled with good food, good company and ample time to do nothing else but have a well deserved break. This, however, leads us to forgetting all about our diets, regimes and health plans. It’s no surprise that getting back into shape is on top of everyone’s New Years resolutions list. Stay one step ahead and gift yourself a smartwatch for Christmas so you can stay motivated and stay on track during the holiday period.

Should I Buy a Smartwatch for Christmas?

Lotus Men’s | Smartime | Black Silicone Strap + Free Strap

This timepiece is contemporary and has everything you need to keep you on track with your regime during the Christmas season. The watch’s case is made of black PVD coated stainless steel and features a colour display with 8 pre-set dials. The bezel has white minute scale markings. A black perforated silicone strap secures the watch and ensures long lasting comfort. Features on the model include activity tracking in sports mode and step tracking. It also has a remote camera and music controls, a built-in speaker, alarms and sedentary reminders. A simple and effective watch, this Lotus smartwatch is ideal for beginners.

garmin fenix 6 pro-sapphire

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Sapphire | Black DLC Nylon Strap and Black Rubber Strap

If you are an all or nothing person, the Garmin Fenix 6 toolwatch has everything you’ll ever need and more. Garmin is renowned for its high-quality high-functioning smartwatches. The Fenix 6 has a fibre-reinforced polymer case with metal case back. Its bezel is made of titanium and a sapphire crystal protects the sunlight visible colour display. The strap securing the watch is made of black nylon.

Garmin’s Fenix 6 has a wide range of sports and everyday functions such as step and activity tracker, point-to-point navigation, topographic maps of Europe and Garmin’s patented PacePro technology. The watch has a variety of sensors including an altimeter, a compass and a gyroscope. It comes with a host of pre-loaded sports and activity functions for you to choose from as well as a heart rate monitor, stress and sleep tracking and many other biometric sensors. The watch’s battery can last up to 14 day in smartwatch mode ensuring you’re never left unprepared.

To Stay Healthy

Similarly to staying fit, maintaining our health gets pushed to the side-line during the holiday period. We get too busy, too tired or too relaxed to monitor and maintain our usual lifestyle. Health isn’t something that should be overlooked during any time of year. Make sure you’re staying on top of your physical and mental wellbeing this year by treating yourself to one of the smartwatches below.

Should I Buy a Smartwatch for Christmas?

Withings Move Timeless Chic – Blue Leather, Rose Gold

Taking care of your health doesn’t need to be boring. It certainly doesn’t need to take away from your style. The Withings’ Move smartwatch is stylish and elegant. Its case is made of stainless steel coloured in rose gold and features a blue leather strap. The sunray navy dial is covered by a mineral crystal. Rose gold coloured indices and hand complement the case and tie in the design of the watch. The watch can track over 30 activity and calories. It also tracks your sleep to make sure you’re getting your full 8 hours. Water resistant up to 50 metres, you can also track and keep record of your swimming sessions without having to worry.

a Smartwatch for Christmas

Withings Move ECG | Black & Yellow | Activity Tracker

For those that need to be a little more careful, the Move ECG is clinically tested and can produce a medical-grade electrocardiogram in only 30 seconds. If the watch detects any irregularities in your heartbeat it will notify you to seek medical help. The dial features a percentage dial of how close you are to completing your daily step goal. The Move ECG also includes functions such as activity and sleep. It is water resistant up to 50 metres allowing you to wear it during swimming. It features an altimeter to track how many floors you’ve climbed and an accelerometer. The 38 mm case is made of plastic and features a black silicone strap. Thin Arabi-numeral hour markers and silver coloured hands contrast the black dial. A yellow hand marks the step percentage.

To Get Organized

Christmastime is undoubtedly very hectic and so are the months following it. Whether you forgot to buy someone a present, you’re trying to catch up on work before a long awaited holiday or you’re hosting the Christmas party this year and you still haven’t sent out the invitations, you don’t deserve to do it all alone. A smartwatch can be the needed virtual assistant you have been looking for. It can help you get organized, stay organized and accomplish the tasks you need to.

Should I Buy a Smartwatch for Christmas?

Kronaby 38mm SEKEL Stainless Brown Leather Strap A1000-0658

Kronaby looks to create smartwatches which enhance your connection with others. The brand’s models are focused on removing distractions from your everyday life so you can focus on what truly matters. The watch has a 38 mm stainless steel case and a brown leather strap. An anti-reflective domed sapphire crystal covers the silver sunray dial. Silver-coloured indices and dauphine hands in silver and blue complement the dial.

The watch has a wide range of functions. It automatically displays the time of the current time zone. It filters notifications and only displays notification for a few pre-set apps or people of your choice through the Kronaby app. The watch has an alarm function and sedentary reminders. It gives you the ability to decline a call by tapping a button. A built in find my phone and find my watch function is also available.

ticwatch c2 rose gold and pink

TicWatch C2 | Rose Gold Smartwatch | Leather Strap

Elegant, feminine and practical, the TicWatch C2 will be your new favourite daily companion this season. Its timeless design is achieved through a rose gold-coloured stainless steel case and the light pink genuine leather strap. The dial is interchangeable so that you can match it to your mood or outfit every day. It has heart rate monitoring as well as an activity tracker. The watch also features built-in GPS with multiple navigational systems. In addition, the watch connects to Google Pay so you can use it to make contactless payments. Its Wear operational system by Google allows you to receive notifications and have easy access to Google Assistant throughout the day.

Would you consider buying a smartwatch for Christmas? Let us know in the comments below.

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