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Christmas Themed Watches and Jewellery 2020

Christmas Themed Watches and Jewellery 2020

Christmas is a time to be cosy. The nights are cold and dark which means you can finally justify wearing a knitted jumper with a matching pair of socks. Although Christmas is not for everyone, there are many that can’t get enough of the festive season.

If decorating the house with beautiful Christmas decor is not enough, we have some recommendations for those wanting to take their festivities to the next level- Christmas themed accessories! Christmas themed watches and jewellery are a fun and festive way to spice up your everyday attire during the Christmas season.

Thomas Sabo XMAS Bracelet Zirconia 14-17cm

Christmas Themed Watches and Jewellery 2020

If simple and subtle is your thing then this charm bracelet may be the perfect match. The charm on this bracelet features two angels along with a star and crescent moon. Charm bracelets are popular for a reason- they can be easily personalised!

If this bracelet and charm aren’t festive enough for you then Thomas Sabo have a variety of different charms that can be added such as this cute snowflake charm!

When the festive season is over, the charms can easily be removed and stored until next year, unless of course, you love Christmas enough to wear festive charms all year round!

Olivia Burton | Vegan Blush | Snowglobe Dial | Blush Leather Strap

olivia burton

Olivia Burton is well known for festive and on-trend accessories. This vegan blush snowglobe timepiece is no exception. The black and white graphic of the deer in the woods is eye-catching and adorable. The rose gold and blush strap compliment the delicate nature of this timepiece. The theme of this watch is more of a winter wonderland, however, as this is one of the key tropes of the festive period, we thought that this watch made the cut.

This watch would make a beautiful accessory not only for the Christmas period but also for the cooler months of the year, especially when combined with other dainty yet adorable accessories. If you like the style of this timepiece click here to view more of Olivia Burton’s collection.

Swarovski Louison|Rhodium Plated|White|Frosty Winter Leaves| Necklace

Christmas Themed Watches and Jewellery 2020

You know winter is finally here when you walk out of your house in the morning to find that your surroundings are covered in a layer of glistening frost. Swarovski has captured the very essence of frost on winter leaves with their necklace. The overall design is understated yet intriguing and would be an excellent finishing touch to formal Christmas attire.

If you are looking to accessorise to make this necklace stand out we would recommend a set of Swarovski earrings or even a crystal set watch. You can view the Swarovski collection here.

Do you like Christmas? Let us know if you would wear Christmas themed watches and jewellery in the comments below!

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