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Affordable Jewellery to Gift this Christmas

Affordable Jewellery to Gift this Christmas

We all want to believe our loved ones know us. There’s nothing better than unwrapping a present and finding just the right shade of scarf inside or a beautiful meaningful charm. When we receive a gift we don’t think of how much it costs. The thought is what truly counts when it comes to Christmas presents. A well thought through gift would be much better received than an expensive one into which little consideration was put. To help you find the best affordable jewellery to gift this Christmas we have compiled this list of some of our favourites.

Affordable Jewellery to Gift this Christmas

Olivia Burton | 3D Butterfly | Gold | Threader Earrings |

These gorgeous earrings by Olivia Burton are as stylish as they are sophisticated. No one said elegance needs to be boring. The earrings are in a threader style. They are made of stainless steel and are plated in gold. At the end of the chain hangs a 3D butterfly. Where the ear sits is a solid piece of metal. At the back, on another chain hangs a bar. The overall design of the piece is modern and youthful. 

Swarovski earrings

Swarovski Attract | Rhodium Plated | Circle Stud Earrings |Multicolour

If you’re looking for a brilliant elegant present, these Swarovski earrings are sure to add a sparkle to any outfit. The backs of the earrings are made of sterling silver and are plated with rhodium. Swarovski crystals in different shades of blue and in different sizes are set in a circle. Off centre, a blue oval-cut crystal sits and brings interest to the design. 

tourmaline olivia burton ring

Olivia Burton Under The Sea Bi Colour Tourmaline Bubble Ring Silver (M)

Inspired by the sea, this beautiful ring will be a definite hit. In the centre of a plated silver band sits an emerald-cut dual colour Tourmaline. The stone shifts colour from blue to green and reminds us of the mysterious depths of the sea. Around it at either side are set crystals in blue and white in different colours. A pearl replaces one of the crystals on the right hand side of the ring. 

Affordable Jewellery to Gift this Christmas

Treasure House Silver Cubic Zirconia Rhodium Plated Line Ring G7165 Size O/P

This Treasure House ring is tasteful and makes a fantastic statement piece. The ring is all one long piece of metal wrapped in a spiral. The front facing side is set with Cubic Zirconia crystals. Made of sterling silver, the ring is plated with rhodium to give it an extra luster. The ring’s design achieves an overall simple yet dazzling look. 

Affordable Jewellery to Gift this Christmas

ChloBo | Children’s Mini Cube Double Feather Bracelet 

Feathers are a symbol of hope. They are also symbols of the divine and are always seen as reminders that a guardian angel is looking after you. Surprise your little one with this charming bead bracelet. The beads are made of sterling silver and square beads follow the round ones. Two feathers are placed on the bracelet. A plaque with the ChloBo brand name engraved also features on the piece. 

paul hewitt leather bracelet

Paul Hewitt Northbound Rose Gold Anchor Hazlenut Leather Bracelet Small

This wrap bracelet is the perfect casual accessory. It’s ideal to help you in breaking up your accessories and adding interest to your outfits. The beige leather bracelet can be wrapped around the wrist several times. A rose gold anchor with Paul Hewitt brand name acts as a closure.

Affordable Jewellery to Gift this Christmas

Radley Jewellery Start Gazing | Rose Gold Plated Moon And Stars Necklace |

Take advantage of the layering trend with this stunning Radley necklace. The two chains are linked at the back, at the clasp. Both chains and the pendants are made of sterling silver and are plated with rose gold. The shorter chain features evenly spaced beads and the pendant is an eight point star, set with a crystal in the centre. The longer pendant is a simple cable chain. The second pendant is a round plaque with a rustic look and a star embossed into it with a crystal in its middle. 

elements silver bee charm

Elements Silver Silver Gold Plate Bee Sunflower Pendant

A simple necklace with a subdued charm, this Elements Silver pendant makes the perfect present. The pendant represents a daisy flower with a small 3D bee collecting pollen from it. The whole pendant is made of sterling silver. It’s centre is plated with yellow gold. The bumble bee is also gold plated and features black enamel stripes. 

gold blue evil eye

Treasure House 9ct Yellow Gold Evil Eye Blue Cubic Zirconia Pendant Only

This evil eye pendant is made of 9 karat yellow gold. The middle is set with crystals. Light blue represents the iris while a darker blue cubic zirconia crystal represents the pupil. The evil eye is said to protect against malicious intent and evil. The belief is as it represents a never closing eye, someone’s always watching out for you.

Affordable Jewellery to Gift this Christmas

Thomas Sabo Charming | Sterling Silver Butterfly,Star&Moon Charm Pendant

Charms are also fantastic affordable pieces for Christmas. They can be used to mark events and milestones as well as just regular jewellery. On necklaces or on bracelets, charms are truly a versatile piece of jewellery. This dainty and feminine butterfly charm by Thomas Sabo is made of sterling silver. The butterfly has a celestial design and features crystal set stars on the top part of its wings and a moon with a smaller star on the bottom. 

Did you like these suggestions for affordable jewellery to gift this Christmas? Let us know what you think.

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