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Polka Dot Watches By Cath Kidston

Polka Dot Watches by Cath Kidston

Polka dots are one of the most distinguished patterns within the fashion industry and is a trend always seems to bounce back. Polka dots were a staple of the 1950’s rock and roll era and worn by recognised figures from Mini Mouse to Rosie the Riveter. Although this trend has had its highs and lows, it was revived again in the 1980’s by the one and only Princess Diana.

This year it seems Polka Dots are right on trend and have been spotted (the pun was of course intended) across high fashion runways from Balenciaga to Gucci. If you are a fashionista that like to keep up with the latest trend, extending to the accessories that you wear on a daily basis, then we have some recommendations on polka dot watches for summer 2020 by notable watch brand Cath Kidston. Cath Kidston is a household and accessory brand that are known for creating patterned watches. Polka dots is their speciality.

Here are our recommendations on polka dot watches by Cath Kidston.

Women’s Lucky Bunch Watch | Polka Dot Blue Leather

Cath Kidston

Navy blue is a sophisticated colour that can be styled all year round, an attribute that is preferable for a daily accessory. The polka dots are featured on the strap of this watch in a combination of blue and white.

This has been beautifully paired with a silver stainless steel dial which would look good styled with silver jewellery. The centre of the dial takes centre stage as it showcases a floral pattern that is fit for the season ahead.

Women’s 3D Bird Nude Polka Dot Strap

Polka Dot Watches By Cath Kidston

This watch shows off a subtle and soft style, characterised by the nude strap and rose gold case. As with the previous model, the polka dots are featured on the strap of this timepiece in a fitting white.

The dial of this model features a 3D bird design which is elegant and perfect for the spring and summer season. As this timepiece features an overall neutral design it can be easily combined with bright and dark colours.

Women’s Grey Polka Dot Leather Strap White Dial

Polka Dot Watches By Cath Kidston

Grey is a colour that is often overlooked, however, it is very useful to have a grey accessory as part of your wardrobe as it can be styled with a variety of different colours. This model showcases a grey and rose gold colour scheme which has a beautiful yet understated effect.

The main feature of this model is the rose gold seconds hand which has a bird at the top of the hand. The polka dots are featured on the strap of this model in a eye-catching rose gold over a grey backdrop.

Which one of these polka dot watches by Cath Kidston is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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