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How to Style Jewellery and Watches for men

Matching bracelets to watches for men

Men wearing jewellery isn’t an entirely new concept. Jewellery has had a long history in indicating status, wealth, relationships and much more for both men and women. Somewhere along the line however it became inherently feminine. It has been considered distasteful and ostentatious. This has discouraged a lot of men from wearing any jewellery beyond a wedding band or a ring. In recent years, however, trends are changing and more men are starting to accessorise more. Necklaces, rings and bracelets are becoming an everyday staple in men’s wardrobes. If you’re venturing into this new aspect of fashion and you’re still unsure, consider starting subtly by wearing bracelets. Pairing them with a nice watch will give you an ultra-modern, high fashion look.  Finding the right piece and figuring out how to style jewellery and watches together can be difficult. There are not many things to keep in mind when wearing bracelets however below we have listed a few key points to guide you in your exploration.

Mixing Materials

It is generally a good idea to mix material, and metals when experimenting with your look. It will give more depth and dimension to your outfits. Some experts have discouraged this, however mixing materials, when done right, can contribute a lot to the overall look. It can add a distinct eclectic feeling. Try choosing different materials for the watch strap and the bracelet or choose a watch and jewellery with different metals. When mixing and matching make sure to keep in mind the textures of the materials, however. Some materials look better paired together than others. Good combinations to bet on are leather and steel and rubber and fabric.

Bering Max René | Black Rubber Strap | Silver Dial

Unique & Co Black Leather | Steel Clasp | Bracelet

How to Style Jewellery and Watches for men

An interesting combination is this Bering Max Rene model and the Unique & Co black leather bracelet. The watch has a distinct futuristic industrial look. The large stainless steel case combined with the dual coloured rubber bracelet make the timepiece have a sporty tone. Its large silver dial is minimalist and features a day and date subdials and has small understated hour-markers. The black leather strap balances out the futuristic feeling of the watch model while still complementing the colour. The stainless steel clasp on the bracelets ties in the pieces together.

BOSS Jewellery Metal Link Essentials Bracelet 200mm

Certina DS-8 Chronometer | Black Leather Strap | Black Dial |

boss metal link
How to Style Jewellery and Watches for men

If you’re after a more classic look, this combination of leather and steel is sure to elevate your look. The Boss metal link bracelet is classic, clean and uncomplicated. Its design is reminiscent of the bracelet of a watch and will not stand out too much if you would like to not stray away from your comfort zone too much. The metal bracelet combined with the classic silhouette of the watch elevates this timeless combination. This Certina model’s black leather strap and the black dial nicely contrast the bracelet and the case. Silver indices and dauphine hands carry the metallic elements throughout the watch’s design to create a complete look.

Keep it simple

When pairing jewellery it’s important to remember to not overdo it. Being able to add another level to your style is always exciting however in fear of not doing enough we tend to do too much. Remember that less is always more. When combining bracelets with watches you want the watch to be the main focus. You don’t want the bracelets to overwhelm your timepiece. When it comes to bracelets the general rule applies that you shouldn’t wear more than 5 bracelets overall and you shouldn’t wear more than 3 on one wrist. To achieve the multiple bracelet effect without wearing too much we suggest a wrap around bracelet like the Tom Hope model below. 

Tom Hope Jewellery Sterling Silver Southern 3 Small

Delma Santiago Quartz | Stainless Steel Bracelet | White Dial

delma santiago
How to Style Jewellery and Watches

The watch we’ve paired it with is the Delma Santiago. Delma’s divers model is perfectly paired with the bracelet and the nautical element runs through both the bracelet and timepiece. Made of stainless steel, the case and bracelet have a classic silhouette. The black unidirectional bezel and weave-textured white dial give the combination a modern, casual look. Large luminescent indies and hands contrast the dial for easier reading underwater. 

Play with colour

Accessories are the easiest way to introduce more colour into your wardrobe or tie in your outfit with a colour accent. When it comes to men’s bracelets there is usually not much variety of colour as most brands stick to neutral natural tones. This can however help your watch stand out. A good method to do this is to choose a colour from your outfit or timepiece and try to introduce that colour through your accessories. 

Tommy Hilfiger Jewellery Mens Tigers Eye Beaded Bracelet

Rotary Greenwich G2 Automatic | Two-Tone Bracelet | Skeleton Dial

tommy hilfiger tigers eyes
How to Style Jewellery and Watches

The Tommy Hilfiger tiger’s eye bracelet is in a neutral warm colour, with the gemstone adding interest to the design. The Tommy Hilfiger logo, featuring on the bracelet, includes a dark navy colour. Rotary’s Greenwich G2 watch features a similar navy colour on its skeleton dial. The neutral tones of the bracelet make the watch stand out while still keeping the outfit coherent. Rotary’s model also features a dual colour case and bracelet. Intriguing and stylish this combination is sure to help you stand out from the crowd.

BOSS Jewellery Seal Brown Leather Bracelet 180mm

Briston Clubmaster Classic | Chronograph

boss leather
How to Style Jewellery and Watches for men

This Briston Clubmaster watch is in a stylish dark green with an acetate tortoiseshell case. A fabric strap in a matching colour complements the dial and the case. The model’s design is finished off with gold elements featured on the lugs, the bezel and the crown and pushers. Features on the model include a small second’s subdial and a 24-hour sundial. The colour of the timepiece makes a statement on its own but paired with the elegant brown leather bracelet by Boss it truly stands out and will ensure all attention is on you.

Do you agree with our advice on how to style jewellery and watches for men? Let us know in the comments below.

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