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Rado’s True Thinline Collection

Rado's True Thinline Collection

Since Rado’s humble beginnings in the early 20th century they have made confident strides into watchmaking. The luxury brand has made a name for itself through cutting-edge designs and its use of new and unconventional materials. Years of dedicated research have brought Rado to the culmination of their efforts – the creation of the innovative True Thinline collection in 2011.

The True Thinline collection is characterised by the ultra-thin design of the models. With a thickness of only 5.0 mm, the line introduced to the world a new lightweight and an especially comfortable design. The thinness of the models, however, do not compromise its robustness. In 1990 Rado pioneered what has now become their signature mark, high-tech ceramic. First used in medicine and aeronautics, high-tech ceramics is a unique material to be used in watchmaking, however, it comes with a host of benefits other materials cannot provide. Its structure makes it scratch-resistant and extremely durable, providing ideal protection against any amount of wear and tear.

The composition of the material also means it’s lightweight and very easy to keep on all day long. As it doesn’t include any metals and due to its previous application in the medical field, high-tech ceramics is hypoallergenic. It is gentle and can be worn by anyone with sensitive skin or an allergy to metal. Staying one step ahead of the curve, Rado has also used their knowledge and expertise of this material to introduce several colour and texture variations. In case this line has caught your attention we have included several examples from the distinctive True Thinline collection below

Rado True Thinline High-tech Ceramic Black Dial Watch

high-tech ceramic

Sleek and understated, this watch is ideal for anyone who is looking for a piece that exudes subtle sophistication. The glossy all black colour makes the design versatile. The model is suitable for both day-to-day wear and as a stylish accessory to any classy event. The monobloc case gives the watch a modern streamlined look while the high-tech ceramic of both the case and bracelet keeps the watch lightweight. A benefit to the material is it’s adaptability to the body temperature of the wearer adding to the comfort of the timepiece. The metallic black dial is simple with no complication or indices, with only sword-shaped hours and minutes hands also in black. The dial is protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. A quartz movement type guarantees optimal precision, and accuracy.

Rado True Thinline Grey Ceramic Bracelet Grey Dial Watch

True Thinline Collection

The Rado True Thinline Grey Ceramic watch is truly high-class. Much like the Ceramic Black model, its monoblock case and the monochrome grey colour palette give the design a fresh chic look. The elegant feeling of this model is highlighted by the clean uncomplicated dial, the Rado brand name being the only decoration. As in all Rado watches, the dial is protected by a sapphire crystal. Unlike the previous model, this watch is made out of plasma high-tech ceramic. This gives the material a classic metallic sheen without actually adding any metal in the material, keeping it hypoallergenic. The model has a quartz movement type, promising you will always be on time.

Rado Womens True Thinline Green Ceramic

True Thinline Collection

Partnering with the Grandi Giardini Italiani, Rado has introduced the True Thinline Nature models, with the variations of the design representing earth, water, and leaves. Inspired by nature and it’s beauty this watch is truly unique. Both the bracelet and the case are made of high-tech ceramic. The design keeps true to the sleek silhouette of the True Thinline collection. The centre of attention on this model however is the stunning dial design. The mother-of-pearl dial resembles the structure of a leaf, creating an unrepeatable and beautiful pattern on every watch. The dial is encased by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Gold coloured indices and a gold coloured crown compliment the rich emerald green of the model. This intricate timepiece allows you to always bring a piece of nature with you in a classy and fashionable way.

What are your thoughts on Rado’s True Thinline Collection? Let us know in the comments below!

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