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Junghans Release The Bauhaus-Classic

Junghans Release The Bauhaus-Classic

Junghans have a long history of crafting elaborate timepieces that celebrate history and is well known for their Max Bill Collection. Their latest edition to this collection is The Bauhaus Classic. This timepiece was created in honor of the German art school ‘Bauhaus‘ which operated from 1919 to 1933 and specialised in crafted and fine art. It is viewed by the community as a shining light within modern age architecture and design. The Bauhaus building itself is a representation of this with its combination of minimalism among bold lines.

Last year The Bauhaus celebrated it’s 100th year, an occasion that was celebrated with the release of special edition timepieces from numerous watch manufacturers. Needless to say that Junghans was one of those manufacturers who enjoy a connectivity with the school thanks to their Max Bill range, the latest model, The Bauhaus-Classic.

The design of this new watch in commemoration with Bauhaus, reflects the original concepts of the artist. It features sapphire crystal glass for optimal protection of the unique and concise dial with fine hands.

The Bauhaus-Classic

Along with the three hands, it comes with a crisp white dial and black leather strap which is reminiscent of the stark contrast of bright walls and the dark glass façade of the Bauhaus building. The red hands and date wheel represent the famous entrance door.

The automatic movement can be seen through the glass back which provides the wearer with an insight into the self-winding capability of the watch.

The Bauhaus-Classic

The max bill Automatic Bauhaus – no less fascinating than the Bauhaus itself.

This breathtaking timepiece will be released in May 2020. For more information on the new release, contact us via our website through our email or alternatively speak to our team on 01926298499.

What are your thoughts on The Bauhaus-Classic? Let us know in the comments below!

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