Affordable Women’s Stocking Fillers 2019

affordable Women's Stocking Fillers 2019

The time has finally come! We can actually start talking about Christmas! For those that love this time of year, the idea of getting presents for friends and loved ones is a joyous occasion. For others it can be a trying task, however, we are here to help this 2019 with a variety of recommendations for women’s stocking fillers 2019.

For our lovely ladies out there, we have selected a range of different jewellery and watch pieces that are both new to the market and top of the latest trends. We have not only picked out these pieces for their overall style but also for their affordability so you can enjoy this Christmas and not worry about breaking the bank. Here are our recommendations for Christmas 2019.

Affordable Women’s Stocking Fillers 2019: Watches

Limit | Women’s Secret Garden Watch | Purple Butterfly Dial


If you are up to date with our blogs then you may have already seen this watch appear among some of our recommendations this year. That is due to the fact that it fits with some of this year’s biggest trends, one of those being lavender. There are also several other pastel colours that are also in trend which can also be found across the Limit collection. This is an overall classy model that would look gorgeous throughout the winter season with its cool tones and is also an affordable stocking filler this 2019.

Missguided | Women’s Black Leather Strap | Black Dial

Women's Stocking Fillers 2019

Missguided are a well-known fashion brand that specialises in street style. They have designed and crafted a wide range of timepieces which means that there is something for everyone. The watch we would recommend as a stocking filler from this brand is subtle in style with an all-black dial and black leather strap. The formal black is complemented with a gold case and hands. As this is a simple-looking watch it is well suited to those who prefer a less is more style and would be perfect if you are buying a gift for a woman in a working environment.

Cath Kidston | Ladies Pink Floral Strap | Pink Dial

affordable Women's Stocking Fillers 2019

The next watch that we have picked out for women’s stocking fillers 2019 is for those that love a bit of pink. Cath Kidston are popular for their classic, feminine and floral designs that attract a wide range of age groups. This is not only an affordable stocking filler but perfect for those that love having an accessory to brighten up their daily attire. This watch is suited to seasons all year as it can brighten up the winter months and compliment the spring and summer months.

Affordable Women’s Stocking Fillers 2019: Jewellery

Tommy Hilfiger Jewellery Women’s Stainless Steel Crystal Set Earrings

Tommy Hilfiger

One of the biggest jewellery trends of this year is hoop earrings. If you have a fashionista in the family that has a flair for fashion and a sweet spot for designer brands then it is a pair of gorgeous hoops by Tommy Hilfiger that we would recommend. These are a simple pair of earrings with the Tommy Hilfiger logo around the side of each hoop. Simple yet stylish, perfect for a young woman or upcoming student.

ChloBo Jewellery Women’s | Mini Rice Open Heart | Ring

ChloBo Ring

ChloBo is an elegant and understated style, perfect if you are gifting to someone that strives for a minimalist style. ChloBo rings stand out from other ring styles within the market as it features an unusual beaded look with a heart pendant. This ring would make a perfect gift for a friend or as a stocking filler for a romantic gesture.

Olivia Burton Jewellery | 3D Bunny | Silver Tone | Pen

affordable Women's Stocking Fillers 2019

You may have seen the pen on this list of women’s stocking fillers 2019 and feel a little confused. Although we are primarily a watch and jewellery retailer we do sell other accessories on our site from time to time, this time from Olivia Burton. There are a few different pens available, however, we would recommend this cute 3D bunny pen in a cool silver stainless steel.

What are your thoughts on our affordable women’s stocking fillers 2019? Let us know in the comments below!

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