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The Hamilton Schott NYC Khaki Pilot Watch!

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The Hamilton Schott NYC Limited Edition Khaki Pilot has been created as part of a collaboration between two brands, who embody the American spirit. The names Hamilton, and Schott NYC both come to mind when this term is mentioned.

Both of these brands were chosen by the U.S. Army, and supplied the best watches and jackets to pilots during World War II. Chosen due to the quality, excellence and reliability provided, these two brands, and their products became symbols of 1940’s military style, representing the essence of the American dream.

Now, the two iconic brands have come together to produce this unique project;

The Hamilton brand was built on their reputation for quality craftsmanship and reliability. Their accuracy and precision during the early days of railroads in the USA helped to make a name for the brand, very similarly to how Schott NYC made their name too!

Both brands built a cult following, by focusing on what each brand does best, they were able to produce timeless, iconic products. Together, they have combined their skills to produce a true collectors item. A timepiece that stands for quality and American spirit, and is bound to be a success story!

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Hamilton Schott NYC Khaki Pilot Watch.

The Hamilton Schott NYC Khaki Pilot watch itself comes set in a 46mm case, which houses the H-30 automatic day/date movement. This movement has a fantastic 80 hours of power reserve, to keep the watch going for over 3 days on one charge. The luxury Schott NYC leather strap is complimented by a khaki green dial, with contrasting light green Super-LumiNova hands and numerals.

The importance of readability for pilots cannot be underestimated. One of the most crucial things for a pilot, is his timepiece, so visibility is key! With these strong, contrasting colours, and the Super LumiNova coating, the dial of the Hamilton Schott NYC Khaki Pilot timepiece offers clarity and readability at a glance, in all light conditions.

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The highlight of this piece, what sets it apart from all other Khaki Pilot watches, is the leather strap fitted to the case. For each one of the 1,892 (the year Hamilton was established and Schott NYC’s founder Irving Schott was born) limited edition pieces, Schott NYC has specially hand picked each piece of top grain, full aniline and lightweight steer hide leather. Not only this, but they have selected the colour #30099 ‘Earth Brown’ for the straps, which is the Federal Standard military colour, making sure that this watch is accurate in every way. This is the same leather that has been used for pilots flight jackets during the war, and still today.

The leather band begins as a rigid and sturdy material, and is naturally aged to become softer, taking the shape the wearers wrist, as time goes by, and as the watch is worn more and more. This is exactly how a classic leather jacket will crease over time to fit the owner perfectly, making each item unique and tailored to you!

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Each and every one of the 1,892 pieces produced will arrive in a specially crafted leather case, made exclusively by Schott NYC for Hamilton watches. This presentation case is hand sewn, using traditional techniques at the brands Union, New Jersey factory. The case is lines with plaid heavy weight brushed cotton, and also features side entry pockets and a card holder for travel!

This is a fantastic limited edition watch, that combines the values and essence of two distinctive, iconic American brands. The American dream is alive and well in this special limited edition.

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