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The Frederique Constant Regatta Yacht Timer.

Frederique Constant Regatta

The Frederique Constant Regatta was one of the first watches released by the family-owned company. They had only been in business for a decade when the first model was seen. This Regatta watch arrived as part of their Yacht Master collection, a collection that still has a huge following today.

This striking signature piece was created to act as a tribute. A tribute to the love for sailing, that co-founder of the brand, Peter Stas had. Today we are seeing the return of this iconic silhouette, in modern form.

The Return of an Icon; The Frederique Constant Regatta Yacht Timer

Twenty-two year on from the release of the Regatta, it is making it’s comeback, in 2019. A comeback that has been highly anticipated by fans of the brand, and watch collectors alike. Again, part of the new Yacht Timer collection, this is a modern incarnation of a classic. Aptly named, the Regatta (a sporting event consisting of a series of boat or yacht races.) comes with a built in timer that can be used to count down the critical 10 minutes before the sailing race begins. A fantastic feature that any sailing fan, or competitor will cherish!

Regatta racers are able to utilize the countdown feature to time their setup perfectly, allowing them to find the best starting position based on wind and other vessels. This is a crucial, tactical maneuver that demands extreme precision. This means that a precise instrument is required, which is where the Frederique Constant Regatta steps in. Providing a display that can be read at a glance, and provides an accurate reading, allowing full focus to be on the sails and line.

Pole Position

The Yacht Timer Regatta has not been created to be a ‘nautically inspired’ timepiece. Frederique Constant have produced a watch that is a genuine, functional piece that is operational in race conditions. The 1997 display has been left unchanged, and remains perfectly readable. The iconic five dots at the top of the dial have remained in the same position, for optimal readability. Each dot represents one minute, with the top button activating the first countdown. The countdown will then slowly turn each point to blue, from white, and once all five points have been coloured blue, five minutes have passed.

Then, once all dots are blue, the second countdown will commence. This countdown will mark the last five minutes before the race begins. For these five minutes, the dots will gradually turn from blue to orange. once the final point is orange and the second hand strikes noon, the race begins!

Frederique Constant Regatta

Flawless Engineering

Every part of the Yacht Timer Regatta has been produced for optimal legibility. In order to keep the countdown timer the center of attention, the other features of the dial have been kept minimalist, to avoid confusion. The engraved dial will capture every reflection of light, and the indexes have been faceted to be seen regardless of the sun’s angle. The hands and indexes are filled with luminescent material for darker days, and low light visibility.

Frederique Constant Regatta

The Frederique Constant Regatta Yacht Timer Fleet

The collection of Regatta Yacht Timer watches is already made up of four fantastic Frederique Constant watches. Two of which come finished with a luxury rose gold case, with either navy blue, or silver plated dials, both sitting on alligator straps. The third of the models features both stainless steel, and rose gold with a two-tone strap, for those who prefer a metal bracelet. The final model comes with a sleek grey colour scheme, and a steel case too. A silver plated dial is complimented by a black alligator strap. Frederique Constant have also gone above and beyond for this model, and included a rugged black rubber strap for each model. The perfect strap to withstand the demands of the open water, and the ocean spray!

Frederique Constant Regatta

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