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The MeisterSinger Golden Moon Lunascope

MeisterSinger Golden Moon Header

It was back in 2018, in Basel, when we first got to see the MeisterSinger Lunascope watch. This was the brands first ever ‘astronomical’ watch, and offered even more to the iconic single hand design. A design that has become synonymous with the German watch makers. The most notable addition that makes the Lunascope special is it’s elegant moon phase complication. This was added as an oversized display, thanks to the space left on the dial by the minimalist design. Following on from the success of the first two Lunascope models, we are now seeing a brand new special edition piece. The MeisterSinger Golden Moon. An updated, and unique design that is sure to make this watch extremely popular among collectors, and fans of the brand.

MeisterSinger have always said that the single hand design has become so popular for many reasons. Not only for it’s minimal style, and uncluttered aesthetic, but for the way that it provides you with a ‘slow approach’ to time too. This is definitely one of the largest selling points for this style of watch. With the Lunascope, time is told to the closest 5 minutes, which is the way that many people will tell the time on a standard three hand watch anyway. This helps to emphasize the moon phase even more on this model, with the removal of any unnecessary hands, that MeisterSinger do not see as crucial. The Lunascope Golden Moon relies on this minimalist design to push the importance, and specialness of the oversized moon phase complication, which has been produced to look as realistic as possible in the center of the dial.

The Moon Phase Movement

Now, however good looking this watch is, the main highlight has to be the movement inside. For this Lunascope, MeisterSinger has to develop their own automatic ETA movement. A robust movement, that has been skillfully constructed in order to meet the standards that we expect from the German brand. This means that this model is highly precise, and reliable, so much so that it will only require minor correction after 128 years! For reference, most entry level moon phase watches would require correction after around 3 years. For those who love the mechanics, and inner workings of a quality watch movement, this watch is perfect!

The Golden Moon Design

This year, the MeisterSinger Golden Moon provides us with a luxurious refresh of the 2018 blue model. With the moon coloured gold, and matching gold-plated hour markers, this is definitely an attention grabbing, luxury watch. The date at 6 o’clock is also then surrounded by a golden metallic ring to further increase the class and style of this model. This gold offers a fantastic contrast to the deep blue that has been used on the dial.

The Golden Moon is completed with a polished, 40mm, stainless steel case, which offers water resistance up to 50m. The cognac coloured calfskin strap simply furthers the aesthetic, with other straps available upon inquiry.

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