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We Are A Longines Watches Official Stockist!

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We are extremely proud to announce that we are now an official stockist of Longines watches! As an authorized retailer for the luxury Swiss brand, we will be able to offer you the same assurances of quality, reliability and accuracy that Longines themselves do. You will receive all official paperwork, and display casing, as well as access to the manufacturers guarantee too.

Continue below to read a short introduction to the brand, it’s watches, ambassadors and involvement in sport. Throughout the future we will be looking much, much more in depth at each one of these areas, and at each collection of watches too. So, make sure to keep an eye on the blog and the website for all of the latest news.

For any questions about Longines watches, or any of the content below, please feel free to contact us at, or call us on 01926 298499!

A Brief History of Longines Watches

Since 1832, Saint-Imier in Switzerland has been the home to Longines. Throughout the last 180+ years, the brand has always stayed true to it’s vision of producing traditional, elegant, and high performance timepieces.

The brand is known all around the world by it’s winged hourglass logo, which has become an instantly recognizable symbol. This iconic logo, and even the name ‘Longines’ were only trademarked by the company in 1889, some 57 years after the company was started.

This is because the original name was not actually Longines, it was Agassiz & Co, named after founder Auguste Agassiz. Auguste had joint a trading office in St. Imier, and rose to becoming manager, and turned it in to Agassiz & Co!

During the 50’s Agassiz’s nephew, Earnest Francillion took on the successful, now international business on. it was whilst Francillion was in charge, that they decided to expand the company. This meant purchasing a factory to set up operations in. He bough two adjoining pieces of land on the bank of the River Suze, a piece of land that was locally known as Les Longines. Francillion decided to adopt this name for his factory that would be built in 1867.

The company grew and grew, and it’s previous technical research began to pay off, with many awards proving it’s hard earned reputation was deserved. Today, Longines is still the oldest trademark or logo still in use in it’s original form, registered with the World Intellectual Property Organization. The name and logo have become a guarantee of quality, and helps to protect against counterfeit products.

Longines are also a member of the Swatch Group, the leading manufacturer of horological products in the world. Brands such as Omega, Tissot, Rado and Hamilton are also part of this world renowned group, which further proves the quality and heritage of these pieces.

Longines Watches

The Collections

The Longines range is made up of five different collection, each with a number ranges within!

Firstly, we have the Elegance, which holds such ranges as the DolceVita, Symphonette and many more. This collection contains a range of watches with harmonious curves, inspired by timeless class. An ageless collection, that offers you refined, classic designs, that are perfect for the most elegant and sophisticated occasions.

The next collection is the Watchmaking Tradition collection. As you can tell from the name, this collection is a range of watches that pay homage to the longstanding tradition of Longines watches, and their quality manufacture. Swiss watchmaking expertise and elegance is the spirit of this collection, with each model adorned by the winger hourglass that we have all come to know and love. Each model has it’s own charm and personality, and come fitted with mechanical automatic movements to emphasize this character.

Longines have always had a close relationship with the world of equestrian and have partnered with many different events over the years. This link to the sports has inspired the Equestrian collection, that is a range filled with tradition and innovation, with models that have been both inspired by old pieces, and by modern elements of the equestrian world.

Similarly, the Sport collection is a combination of traditional watchmaking, paired with modern day innovations, the perfect blend of both worlds. These watches embody the special bond that Longines has built with the world of sport throughout it’s history. Sophisticated, and sporty pieces that will always perform to the highest level, and necessity to any Swiss watchmaker. Exceptional design, powered by technical functions to support you in every day life.

Finally, we have the Longines Heritage collection. A line of watches that pay homage to the original elegance of their predecessors. Tribute to those who came before them. Combining the refinement of the past, with the extreme precision of modern Swiss watchmaking, creating harmony. Charming and unique timepieces that are near impossible to appreciate, this collection perfectly encapsulates the essence of the winged hourglass brand.

In the future we will be looking at each collection in finer detail!

Longines Watches

Brand Ambassadors & Longines Watches in Sport

There are a whole host of ambassadors for the Longines brand, ranging from actors to equestrian riders. They are also heavily involved in a number of different sporting events throughout the year too.

These are things that help to promote the brand, whilst giving back to the sports and people that have inspired them so much.

Some of the most notable ambassadors of the brand are Oscar winning actress, Kate Winslet, The Devil Wears Prada’s Simon Baker, and 1994’s Miss World Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, plus many more. Longines have handpicked this select few to represent their brand. They have chosen people who represent similar qualities to themselves, people that will be able to further enhance the reputation of Longines, whilst staying true to their own nature.

There is also a huge list of different events and sports that Longines have supported, sponsored, and time-kept for. These include, but are not limited to; equestrian, gymnastics, alpine skiing, archery and the Commonwealth Games. One of the most notable for those in the UK is the ever popular Royal Ascot event. A few weeks ago, the event took place, where thousands of horse racing enthusiasts from around the country, and many more from home, came together. Longines were honored to take part in this prestigious event as the Official Partner, Official Timekeeper and Official Watch! The brand has also been a regular supporter and timekeeper for the Commonwealth games, one of the most widely broadcast athletics events around the world.

As you can see, this is a brand with an extremely extensive, and reputable history, that has always stayed true to it’s values and qualities. Producing nothing but the highest quality of timepieces, with traditional, modern, or both styles! A name and logo known all around the world that is sure to stand out, or blend in at the perfect times. Watches for any and every occasion, and a timepiece to be proud of wearing.

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