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That’s So 80’s: Lacoste Watches

That's So 80's: Lacoste Watches

To understand this iconic brand, firstly we have to delve into the past, specifically the roaring twenties. It all started with the man himself, Rene Lacoste, not only the founder of the fashion brand but also a successful French tennis player. The famous crocodile logo that we know and love today actually originated as a bet between Mr Lacoste and his coach over a crocodile suitcase. In 1927, the crocodile logo came to life. Skip ahead a few years to 1933, Rene Lacoste launches an advertising campaign which is the year he officially launches the brand.

When we think of Lacoste today we imagine a range of coloured polo shirts with the little crocodile on the right hand side of the shirt. This trend began back in 1951 when Lacoste launched their first seasonal coloured polo shirts, followed by striped polo shirts. As the birth of this brand is grounded in the sports industry, it comes to no surprise that throughout the years the brand grew it was involved with a number of different sporting events such as polo, skiing, tennis and more.

The elegant and sporty style was released internationally in the sixties and seventies the brand now not only making clothing items but extending their range to fragrances and in the eighties, sunglasses. If you keep up to date with our blogs then you will know from our recent post on eighties fashion trends that Lacoste was the height of fashion, the little green crocodile seen on clothes and shoes galore.

Here is a glance at one of their recent advertising campaigns:

Now Lacoste is one of the most recognisable brands, favoured for its sporty yet elite style that is seen across many fashion items across the board. That’s where we come in. If you love your accessories as well as this iconic, historic brand then we have a wide range of timepieces designed and crafted by Lacoste for both men and women. Without further ado, here are a selection of Lacoste watches for him and her this summer.

Lacoste Watches for him

Lacoste White 12.12 White Strap

Lacoste Watches

If simple yet tasteful is a style you strive for then this is the accessory for you. This Lacoste watch represents the brands most iconic look, a white piece with the green crocodile is plain view. This smart and sporty timepiece is suited to those perhaps looking for their first watch and is also a friendly price, affordable for students and those who are looking for accessories on a budget. The white silicone strap is durable and long lasting and would be a great finishing touch to casual attire.

Lacoste Men’s Black Leather Strap Black Dial Steel Case

dress watch

As you may already know, watches come in many different styles and varieties. This particular watch is identified as a dress watch. This means that it comes with little or no complications and has a black leather strap with a white or black dial. Dress watches are designed for formal dress and are well suited to a formal work environment or for special occasions where your best attire is required.

Lacoste | Mens Key West | Blue Silicone Strap | Blue Dial

Lacoste Watches

Our third and final recommendation on men’s Lacoste watches is for the bold. It features a blue, white and red colour scheme which represents the origins of the French brand and is aimed at those who prefer accessories that stand out from the crowd. If you are seeking a timepiece that does more than telling the time then look no further, this watch is also 50 metres water resistant meaning you can wear it in the shower and also whilst swimming.

Lacoste Watches for her

Lacoste | Womens 12-12 | Blue Silicone Strap | Blue Dial

powder blue

If you consider yourself a fashionista then this watch will tick your boxes for the trend this season. As we have mentioned in a few of our latest blog posts one of the colours of this spring and summer fashion season is powder blue, meaning this watch will keep you on trend for the whole season. The powder blue is combined with a gorgeous gold which means it will match any gold jewellery in your wardrobe perfectly.

Lacoste Moon Small Leather Strap Gold Plated Case


This watch is slim, sleek and elegant, well suited to those that desire accessories for formal dress. The good thing about this watch is that it can be adapted to many different occasions whether it’s for special occasions or everyday formal work wear. The neutral tones on this watch are not only on trend this season (beige is a must have this summer) but also means you can style it with a range of different colours within your wardrobe.

Lacoste | Women’s 12-12 | Pink Silicone Strap | Pink Dial

pink watch

Our fourth and final recommendation on Lacoste watches for her is this stunning pink silicone watch. Pastels are top of the trends this season, following on from the powder blue model mentioned above. This watch is perfect for those looking to add a splash of colour into their existing everyday wardrobe, especially if you have a hot spot for pink.

What are your thoughts on Lacoste watches? Let us know in the comments below!

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