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The EBEL Wave is the height of luxury when it comes to the women’s watch market. These models are available in a range of different colours and styles, and a number of models come set with diamond markers and bezels. The Wave collection from Swiss watch makers, EBEL, provides elegantly sculpted wave-shaped links, which creates a completely unique and fashionable bracelet. the iconic design of the wave has been boldy re-imagined, to provide us with a modern take on a classic, in a refined, well rounded timepiece. This unique link design offers a new range of flexibility. Fresh. Fluid. Undeniably EBEL.

The wave collection is predominantly made up of luxury women’s watches, with a couple of men’s chronograph watches available too.

The EBEL Wave Women’s

There is a huge range of different styles and designs within the women’s Wave collection. These models can range in price from under £1,000 all the way up to £6,300 for the highest spec models. This provides an entry point at the lower end of the scale for those who are interested in attaining a luxury Swiss watch, but also at the higher end you can find true luxury, with 18k gold, and diamond settings.

The top of the range model is the 1216285, 58-Diamond, 18k gold timepiece. This model has an RRP of £6,300 and is a stunning piece that would be sure to grab attention in any room. Perfect for functions and events, the wave can be dressed up with any outfit perfectly. The stand out features for this model are of course the 18k gold accenting throughout the case and bracelet, and the 58 diamonds set in the dial and bezel. These stones are set in the dial’s surface, between the golden waves, and more surround the bezel too. With 0.788 t.c.w. diamonds, you can rely on the quality of EBEL, and know that this timepiece will shine in any light.

This is not the only women’s EBEL Wave model available however. There is a full range, which you can see here. A step down from the previously mentioned model, you can go for the 1216325 or 1216270, which are both still stunning diamond set pieces, retailing from £2,000 to around £3,500 this time. other fantastic models, which are better suited to those who don’t want to show off quite as much as those with diamonds covering every part of the watch! Simple, clean and elegant, the 1216375 and 1216315 offer the same fantastic design, just closer to the thousand pound mark instead! The lower price does not reflect quality however, these models are all still Swiss made to the same specifications, and offer you complete luxury, and quality guaranteed.

The EBEL Wave Men’s

When it comes to the Wave collection, the men’s range is slightly smaller. However, the quality and style is still there 100%! There are a couple of non-chronograph models, like the 1216238, which takes a very similar styling from the women’s watches, up-sizes and creates a fantastic design. these watches are the perfect accompaniment for a suit, or smart occasion! Like we mentioned above, the highlight of the men’s range is the Chrono models, like the 1216403 or 1216404, which come with tachymeter bezels, and panda dials. These models bring a dive/pilot vibe to the collection, whereas most in the range are smart, classy dress watches (and the chrono models are too) but there is a sporty twist to these chrono’s which we really like!


Overall, the EBEL Wave is ideal for those of you looking for a luxury dress watch for those special events, and those looking to add something a bit more sparkly and eye catching to your wardrobe. If there are any models you are interested in, or want to find out more about, please contact us at!

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