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Police Join Forces With ‘Men In Black’!

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Police have teamed up with the cast and crew of the latest installment of the Men In Black series. MIB: International is set to be released on June 14th, and will showcase Police products throughout! However, they are not the only brand to be involved in this move. Hamilton are getting in on the action too! Hamilton’s Ventura is again going to be the watch of choice for a MIB agent, now worn by Tessa Thompson. Read all about the Ventura in the MIB movies here!

The overall story to Men in Black: International focuses on the agents as they fight to save the Earth from the scum of the universe! In the latest installment, they will be tackling the biggest threat so far; a mole in the Men in black organisation! The likes of Chris Hemsworth, Liam Neeson and Emma Thompson will join Tessa Thompson as they look to save the Earth once again!

The MIB franchise has earned $1.655 Billion at the box office to date with the success of the previous movies. This is a huge figure, showing just how popular the Men in Black are! This movie is expected to do fantastic too, once it hits the box office.

Police in MIB: International

Similarly to Hamilton with the Ventura, Police have been able to become a part of the MIB uniform. The agents will, as always, be seen in their all black sunglasses, which have in fact been supplied by Police! Police accessories are extremely popular, and the production team have chosen the brand for the glasses seen in the movie!

This eye-wear has been specially designed for the movie, and comes in it’s own unique MIB case! The glasses have always been a crucial part of the agents uniforms, so it is huge for Police to take the task of supply on! These glasses can be seen in the majority of the promotional material for the film, and will be seen throughout the movie too!

MIB Police Glasses

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