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Festina & The Kronaby Smartwatch Brand


The Festina Group Acquire Hybrid Smartwatch Brand Kronaby!

We have touched on this developing story previously, as we heard the news of Kronaby watches, who were in a state of cessation of payment, as part of their parent company Anima AB, based in Malmö, Sweden. However, on March 9th, the Festina-Lotus Group SA acquired the assets and intellectual property rights of the Anima AB company, and therefore the Assets and rights to the Kronaby brand.

This is a really exciting development in the timeline of Kronaby, and it is great to see a company like Festina giving them a chance to carry on bringing fantastic smartwatches to the market.

The Festina Group, based in Madrid, Spain, was created in the 1980’s, and are now one of the main players in the international watch industry. The group manufacture and market for a whole range of brands, including Festina, Lotus, Jaguar, Candino and Calypso. It is great to see Kronaby being given a chance to grow under an established and successful company, who will hopefully be able to take the brand forward and continue the good work they have been doing.

Festina Group

Buying A Kronaby Smartwatch

If you already own a Kronaby watch then there is no need to worry about the changes being made, as the Festina Group are currently in the process of moving all assets and integrating the Kronaby brand into their own network, in order to have everything set up and working the way they need to for all Kronaby customers around the world. If you have been looking at buying a Kronaby watch, and may have been put off by the news of the brand financial troubles, we hope that this will go some way to restore faith in the brand!

We are really excited to see where the brand will go next, as they have produced some fantastic pieces over the last couple of years that we have been stocking the watches. A Kronaby smartwatch is one of the most well equipped, and best designed hybrid models available, and offer the perfect combination of style and functionality for your wrist.

The SEKEL and APEX are a couple of the most popular styles from Kronaby, so are a great place to start looking if you are new to the brand, with Bluetooth connectivity, activity tracking and smart notifications all available!

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