Our Favorite Easter 2019 Watches!

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Easter 2019 is here, and with it comes spring, and warmer weather (we hope) so it may now finally be time to change your winter wardrobe for your summer one, but maybe keep hold of a rain coat or two, just in case. One thing that we always overlook when it comes to seasonal fashion is accessories, which just like clothes, there are completely different styles and colours perfect for the warmer weather!

Now, this being said, the majority of watches can easily be worn all year round, and perfectly matched with any outfit, just like this Daniel Wellington Women’s Classic Petite Durham, or the Hugo boss Men’s Vintage Pilot watch. However, there are a huge range of watches out there that just go perfectly with a bit of sunshine, especially when you can be enjoying it over the Easter 2019 bank holiday!

This doesn’t just apply for watches too! With the help of the team over at ChloBo, we are able to put a little guide together, going through which types and colour of jewellery will work for the spring and summer months, just click here to have a read!

Watches To Wear In The Sun – Easter 2019!

The watches pictured above are the new models in the Instinct range from Garmin, available in Sunburst (010-02064-03), Lakeside Blue (010-02064-04) and Sea Foam (010-02064-05).

The first watch we have chosen comes in two different colours, both perfect for the spring and Easter time. From Raymond Weil the Noemia has been one of the Swiss brands most popular women’s models for a while, and it is easy to see why. This particular version is available with a pink mother of pear dial (5132-ST-00986) or a blue one (5132-ST-00955). With 10 diamonds positioned around the dial, this piece will not only bring a splash of luxury to any outfit, but it ill also glimmer in the sun along side the mother of pearl dial to create a fantastic seasonal look!

Easter 2019 RW

The next watch we have chosen is from Rotary watches, in the form of the Men’s Havana GMT (GB05082/05), which features a two-tone stainless steel bracelet, and a blue dial/bezel combination. We have chosen this watch for the reasons I have already mentioned, a two-tone watch is always a good choice to pair with the sun, the vibrant colour gives it a fantastic summer feeling, which on this watch in particular, is then supported by a bold blue dial too! Blue, when a lighter or striking shade is always connected to spring and summer months, perfectly matching with the colour of the sea or sky making it really feel like the perfect watch to complete any outfit!

Easter 2019 rotary

We could have chosen almost any watch from the Cath Kidston brand, but we have narrowed it down to these three, including the light blue rainbow watch (CKL081U), the pink floral dial watch (CKL050PG) and the stainless steel floral strap watch too (CKL064U). We have picked these models due to their colorful and patterned nature. Of course, pastel colours are huge for the warmer months, and can brighten up any outfit no problem! The other thing that always comes to mind when we think of Easter and Spring, and that is flowers, which Cath Kidston love to use! We definitely think that a Cath Kidston would be the perfect addition to any outfit for Easter 2019!

Easter 2019 CK

From Seiko‘s extremely popular Presage Range, comes our next pick, the Presage Automatic (SRPB41J1) which brings a touch of class and sophistication to the list! This piece definitely brings spring, summer and Easter to your wrist in a more subtle way than some of the other pieces on the list, but with that fantastic blue sun-ray dial it was hard to leave it off, and with the 4R35 caliber, which is an automatic and self-winding movement, powering it, it’s got plenty of go for your summer activities too!

Easter 2019 Seiko

Our final choice is this women’s glitz logo Guess watch (W1142L1) which is an all silver piece, that we can see not only see being perfect for Easter, and the spring sun, but for Christmas too, and any party in fact! Not only does this piece have a crystal set bezel that will shine in the light, but it also has a glitz logo in the center of the dial, and the glittery nature of this texture will make the watch light up in the sun! This is a great option that can be paired with any outfit, and like I said, it can be worn for any kind of event too!

Easter 2019 guess

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