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New Versus Versace Watches 2019!

Versus Versace


New Versus Versace Watches for Winter 2019!

As an authorized retailer for Versus Versace watches, we get access to the latest watches and new releases from the brand, and we have recently seen a couple of new models that are now live online and in-store! Versus Versace watches offer a fashionable, modern style, at a fantastic price point too. From one of the most famous fashion names in the world. Formed from the Versace fashion house, Versus has grown since it’s beginning back in 1989, where founder of Versace, Gianni, gifted the diffusion line to his sister, Donatella Versace. After closing back in 2005, Donatella decided to bring the brand back to life in 2009, with a capsule designed by British designer Christopher Kane, which proved to be an instant success

“Versus was born with an innate creative approach, with a strong focus on innovation, flair and the unconventional. An artistic force that takes present fashion forward, anticipating new trends and embracing challenge” – Gianni Versace on the Versus brand in 1989.

The Watches:

When it comes to the Versus Versace Watches themselves, there is a fantastic range of pieces available, all of which feature that splash of influence from Donatella Versace, and can all be instantly recognized as a Versus product. We have listed a couple of our favorites from the new capsule that you may want to check out!

Versus Versace Watches

The VSPLH0419 Ladies watch is one our favorites from the new range, as it really brings the Versus Versace design style to your wrist perfectly! The feature of the lions head on both sides of the case really adds a fantastic detail, which is instantly recognizable as Versace. Not only this, but it also has a completely unique overhanging triangle shape, which comes over the dial slightly as the 12 & 6 o’clock markers, which is a really fantastic design! This piece is available in multiple variations; with a two-tone bracelet, all black, crystal set, and more!

Versus Versace Watches 2

The VSPOQ4219 Unisex Fire Island watch is another of the new models that has caught our eye, as it has the iconic white and gold Versace tones, and is a really nice watch for under £100! being all white, with that hint of gold makes this a really minimalistic watch at first glance, but then when you look closer, and focus on the different depths and shades of white, you will start to notice things such as the lion head in the center of the dial, and the diamond textures silicone strap, which all combines to bring one complete piece, with a hint of Versace luxury! This piece also comes in blue too!

Why not check out the collection of Versus Versace watches that we have availble right now? Find them here!





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