Should I Buy A Kronaby Watch?


About The Brand

Back when the Kronaby watch brand first began, they had quite the challenge in mind, they were setting out to manufacture the best connected smartwatch on the market! They planned on building upon the tradition of watchmaking whilst also innovating, and allowing no room for compromises, where only the absolute best would be good enough. To do this they ensured that they were putting as much dedication and time into choosing the best, and most sustainable, materials as they could. When it came to designing their app, the app had to make sure that the professionalism and consistency carried on throughout the brand. You can read more about Kronaby watches in our other blog post here.

We call this approach human technology. This philosophy is the core of our work, from development to design. 

Buying A Kronaby Watch

Kronaby watches have recently been purchased by the owner of Festina/Lotus meaning that we may about to be seeing some fantastic new designs and possible collaborations between Festina and Lotus’ current partners, and Kronaby, like the tour of Britain for example! Despite the takeover from the Spanish company, you can still purchase a Kronaby watch from First Class Watches with absolute security, as we offer a 30 day free return policy to begin with, and then we also provide each watch with the official Kronaby 2 year guarantee, so if you did happen to have any fault or issue with the watch you are still covered, and we are more than happy to help!

The Kronaby Story

Kronaby truly believe that they should shift customers focus back to getting most out of what they are experiencing and not to get stuck down with technicalities and issues that detract from the experiences of life. Kronaby watches aim is to make you experience more in life and they have a significantly different way of helping you to achieve this. Whether it is making sure you feel safe on the way home, letting you decide who can and who cant phone you as well as expressing which calls are important or even being able to fully focus in a work meeting. Kronaby watches take all of the hassle out of everyday tasks making your day surprisingly easy and allowing you to spend your time where your heart is.

You can take a look at our Info-Graphic below to find out even more about the brand and the way that Kronaby watches work!  Please get in touch if you have any questions at all!

Kronaby watch Info Graphic

Simply, we want you to be able to experience more in life and help you reclaim control over your time. Our technology centers on you – Human technology.

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