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Junghans Max Bill Bauhaus 100 Auto

Junghans Max Bill Bauhaus


Celebrating 100 years of Bauhaus – The Junghans Max Bill Bauhaus 100

2019 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Bauhaus and the Junghans Max Bill Bauhaus celebrates the landmark in a fantastic way.

The Bauhaus was founded back in 1919 by Walter Gropius in the German city of Weimar. The term Bauhaus translates to ‘building house’ which is understood to mean ‘School of Building’. Surprisingly, despite the fact of it’s name, and that the founder was an architect himself, the Bauhaus still did not have an actual Architecture department! The Bauhaus was founded with the idea of creating a total work of art in which all of the arts would be brought together. Later, the Bauhaus style would become one of the most influential movements in modern design, and has had a significant influence on the way designers think today.

The Bauhaus was located in three different German cities, one of which was Dessau, which, from 1927 to 1929 was the place of education for one Max Bill. The Bauhaus confirmed receipt of Bill ́s application on march 31, 1927 and on April 5 admitted him to the school of building. As we know, Max Bill has had a huge influence on the Junghans brand, and the Max Bill collection has gone on to win design awards with new models like the Max Bill MEGA always being released!

“I can still vividly recall that morning when, before the train entered the Dessau station.
The front of the Bauhaus building suddenly appeared before us. We had never seen
anything like it: white walls and big facades of dark glass and then in the foreground
the student building with red lead balcony doors providing the accent of color.” – Max Bill on his first impression of the Bauhaus.

Junghans Max Bill Bauhaus

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus, Junghans are releasing a number of watches from their different collections, including two from the Max Bill range, the Form A and Chronoscope. The first, is the Max Bill Automatic 100 years Bauhaus Special edition, which is limited to 1.000 pieces worldwide.

This brand new model features Junghans’ Selfwinding J800.1 movement which sits inside the 38mm stainless steel, dark grey PVD coated case. As a reference to the Bauhaus building itself, Junghans have included a red date display, which represents the bright red door of the grey and white building! The case back of the Junghans Max Bill Bauhaus 100 displays a fantastic, unique four time caseback, with mineral crystal, with a printing of the Bauhaus building and a view to the movement in the partly open front window of the building!


This model is expected to retail at £1215, and we will be updating you with the availability and release date too.


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