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Fashion Trends 2019: Neon Watches

Neon Watches

neon watchesIf you like keeping up with the latest fashion news then you may already be aware of the neon trend. As London Fashion Week and Paris Fashion week have been and gone, we now have a better insight into the styles of 2019 and we can see that neon is here to stay. Leading designers displayed neon attire from Armani to Versace.

When we think of the neon fashion trend, the eighties springs to mind, the era of disco. If you were brought up in the eighties you may be familiar with neon leg warmers and other accessories. The trend started within modern fashion last year as more of a micro-trend, but as we can see ion Versace’s spring runway for 2019 this is a style that we will see for the year ahead.

Versace Spring Runway 2019

It is safe to say that this is a fashion trend for the bold, therefore, if you are looking for new ways to accessorise your wardrobe with a splash of colour then here is a look at two neon watches from our website.

Superdry Women’s Urban Glitter Bright Pink Strap And Dial


The good thing about the neon fashion trend is that it can be incorporated into many different styles and occasions. Superdry is a street style brand that has produced a neon pink watch, perfect for those that want a statement piece. If you are looking to add more colour to your wardrobe, especially ahead of spring and summer, a neon watch is a good way to do this. Superdry are not only popular for their stylish street look but also for their affordable prices.

STORM | Cobra-X Green Watch


The second neon watch we have to recommend is by Storm. It is neon, however, subtler than the previous watch by Superdry. Storm are well known for their futuristic and ambitious designs and this timepiece is no exception. The strap is a stainless steel silver mesh design with black and green neon dial. The good thing about this watch is that it is unisex and can be worn to a variety of different occasions.

What are your thoughts on neon watches? Let us know in the comments below!

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