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Camouflage Fashion Watches

Camouflage Fashion Watches

Camouflage is a fashion trend that comes back into style every year which is why we have decided to delve into the world of camouflage fashion watches. Unlike some of our other fashion trends in this series, camouflage is a fashion trend with a vast history. Camouflage was not intended to reach the fashion world as it was during the first world war the military began to use the print as a form of defence, hiding from their enemies. It wasn’t just clothes that were covered in this print but also weapons and transport.

When did camouflage hit the fashion industry?

Camouflage was picked up by Vogue as early as 1943, picking up on the trends on the field during both wars at the beginning of the twentieth century. This was not for the purpose of starting new trends, it was to inform their readership what the camouflage print was and its function on the field. The next time that camouflage was featured in Vogue magazine was in 1971, featuring a collage of girls dressed in the print. It wasn’t until the 1980’s that this fashion trend exploded.

Here is a glance at a battlefield inspired runway:

If you are a fan of the camouflage print then here are a selection of camouflage fashion watches we recommend.

Women’s Camouflage Fashion Watches


Juicy Couture Women;s Brown Camouflage-Print Mesh Strap Black Dial


This an eye catching and unique watch, designed and crafted by Juicy Couture. They are a watch brand well know for creating bold and fashionable timepieces on a budget. The camouflage pattern is around the mesh strap of the watch which is finished off with a black dial. As this watch is a statement piece, it will be well suited with simple, casual attire.

Hype | Ladies Camouflage Silicon Strap | White Dial 


If you like the camouflage style but would prefer a style that is a little more girly then this timepiece by Hype might be the watch for you. It shows off the camouflage print across the strap which features a gorgeous shade of pink which is also the colour of the case. This timepiece is well suited to those looking to add more colour into their daily attire.

Men’s Camouflage Fashion Watches


WeWood Kos Choco Camo


This is an enchanting men’s watch with a design that is both inspired by nature but also one that is environmentally friendly. WeWood are a brand well know for helping the environment, creating their wooden watches from recycled wood. The camouflage print is on the dial of this watch, therefore, more subtle than the previous women’s models.

Guess Men’s Black Camo Strap Gunmetal Dial


The fourth and final recommendation for camouflage fashion watches is this watch crafted by Guess. It is an attractive timepiece with a blue camouflage strap which is unique compared to the other timepieces mentioned among our suggestions. It is not only a handsome watch but also a handsome price for those that seek fashionable accessories on a budget.

What are your thoughts on camouflage fashion watches? Let us know in the comments below!

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