TW Steel Coronel Dakar Limited Edition

TW Steel Coronel Dakar

The TW Steel Coronel Dakar Limited Edition watches celebrate everything Rally!

Watchmakers TW Steel, and rally drivers, the Coronel Brothers have been close partners in the Dakar Rally for over 10 years now! For a good reason too! Both TW Steel, and Tim & Tom Coronel have a huge investment in the event, and have a true drive to achieve the unachievable and conquer the unconquerable. This is why we have been treated to the TW Steel Coronel Dakar watches, celebrating this fantastic partnership, and all the brothers have achieved.

They are both aware of the fact that if you want to achieve your goals it’s worth fighting for. TW Steel and the Coronel Brothers are at their best when they are about to take a new challenge.


“In Dust We Trust”

The saying that epitomizes the careers of Tim and Tom Coronel, and perfectly taglines the partnership for these limited edition watches. The Challenge never ends for the brothers, even with ten plus years of experience under their belts, every race, every turn is a brand new challenge to be tackled head on.

The 2019 Dakar Rally is yet another challenge, ten days of racing over the toughest terrain on earth. Having to battle against the elements in their purpose built technology packed racing machines, this is classed as the purest test of man and machine together. TW Steel are proud to support, and stand with the Coronels once again, as we are proud to be able to bring these fantastic watches to you!

This is the 12th consecutive Dakar Rally with the Coronel brothers for TW Steel, with 3 new limited edition TW Steel Coronel Dakar watches on their way to celebrate! TW Steel are also welcoming rally superstar, Adrien Van Beveren to the team in 2019.

The Watches

The TW995 and TW996 TW Steel Coronel Dakar Limited Editions are the new timpeices, which are both ready to break through in honour of this year’s Rally. With both models being limited to only 347 timepieces! Each model has a touch of Coronel inspired elements, living up to the rugged reputation of the event. These Limited Edition watches also display the Coronel Brothers and VBA team colours on top of all the oversized attitude that TW Steel are renowned for.

There will also be a third TW997 VBA Dakar Limited Edition timepiece, with all three models featuring powerful movements, bold looks and the most hardworking, durable components available.

These are not the only TW Steel Coronel Dakar watches available however, if you cannot wait for the new pieces to arrive, then we have the perfect options in the TW963 and TW975 along with the TS8 too! These are some fantastic timepiece and well worth taking a look at, so make sure to take advantage whilst stocks last of these Limited Edition pieces!






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