How To Save Money When Buying A New Watch

There are so many luxury watches available for customers to buy today. For customers that can afford to buy them all it can be quite easy to run down your bank balance very quickly. On the other hand, if you’re buying a new watch on a budget then it can be difficult to get the watch you want. With Christmas just around the corner, it’s a perfect time to find out how you can save money on a new watch.

In today’s post we’ll look at the top 5 ways to save money when buying a new watch. This will help you get the most out of your budget whether you’re looking for a great new watch for your collection or a gift for a loved one.

Look Past The Collectors Items

There are a wide range of top quality luxury watches out there and for some it can be tempting to break the bank to add the limited edition pieces to your collection. While these collectors editions may be fantastic watches, they usually command a much higher fee than similar watches that have been made for mass production.

If you have an unlimited budget then it will certainly be worth picking up a limited edition timepiece. But if you’re like the rest of us and you need to spend your budget wisely, avoiding the collectors items a great way to save money when buying a new watch. You’ll find that most of the limited edition watches are part of a collection with similar quality watches for a much more affordable price.

Liven Up Existing Watches By Changing The Strap

If you have a watch collection with a good number of customisable watches then this is a great way to liven up your collection. Choosing a new colour or style strap can change your timepiece beyond all recognition. You can do this with watches in your current collection, perhaps turning more casual watches into beautiful watches to wear on special occasions. But this little trick is even better when you use it on new watches.

Most budget watches come with poor straps which make them look extremely cheap. Customising these watches by adding a new stylish strap is a great way to get great looking watches on a budget. A decent quality budget watch and a change of strap is only going to cost you a fraction of the cost of an expensive luxury watch. And when you get bored of that strap, the great news is that you can always change it up – which is almost like having a brand new watch for a tiny price!

Invest in Crowd Funding Campaigns

Before you go crazy investing in Kickstarter watches – it’s always worth bearing in mind that investing in a crowd funding campaign is always a risk. Many campaigns deliver the product to market on time and at the expected quality. But there are many examples of campaigns which delivered sub-par products… and others which never delivered at all. Always do a bit of background research on the people involved and remember that if something sounds too good to be true – it probably is!

There are fantastic examples of people who invested in great crowdfunding products and managed to pick themselves up real bargains! Manufacturers like Pebble (now owned by Fitbit) took their ideas to Kickstarter to get much-needed investments when developing their products. Other manufacturers like Sony take their newest ideas to crowdfunding platforms to test how popular they are before releasing them on a wider scale. These manufacturers provide their new devices at a much lower costs to their backers as a reward for investing in their campaign. So if you are looking at buying a new watch then this could be a great way for you to save when buying a new watch.

Buy The Quartz Version

If the most important aspects of your watch are that it looks good and is extremely accurate then buying quartz watches is a great way to save money. There is a lot to be said for the great artistry of mechanical wristwatches but is the extra cost worth it for what you need? Mechanical watches are usually not as accurate as quartz watches and many of the latest quartz versions look just as good on the outside.

If you are trying to save money when buying a new watch then quartz watches are where it’s at. There are many great luxury quartz watches from Seiko, Mondaine and other great Japanese and Swiss watchmakers. Check them out today and see how you can pick up a fantastic luxury wristwatch for a great price.

Hitting the Sales

If you are buying a new watch on a budget then waiting till sale season is probably the best way to save money. The biggest sale seasons of the year are the January sales, mid-Summer sales and the Black Friday sale. We always have great deals on here at First Class Watches, but you can save even more money in our Black Friday sales! If you are buying a new watch on a budget then these are certainly the best times of year to pick up your new timepiece.

Whether you’re buying a new watch for yourself or as a gift, you can use this guide to get the best value from the money you spend. Make sure you use the code BLACKTAG to save 15% off full price watches during the fantastic Black Friday sale!

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