The Brand New My Citizen App

My Citizen App

Citizen watches have released the My Citizen App, streamlining the registration process and giving greater availability to information.

More and more companies these days are taking to the App Store to further their brand, and provide a greater experience for their customers. There is already a range of Casio apps available, along with the likes of Kronaby and Garmin for smartwatch connectivity, and who knows maybe there will even be a First Class Watches app coming soon! Citizen are the latest to do so with the My Citizen App.

Where most brands create their apps for the smartwatch connectivity of their watches, which is a necessity for said watches to function fully, the My Citizen app is a bit different. Not for smartwatches or any form of Bluetooth link to the actual watch, the app is actually to improve the experience and ease of being a Citizen watch owner.

My Citizen uses your smartphone camera to scan, and recognize your watch face and case back to allow it to display information and register the watch. Once you have followed the instructions on the app, and scanned the dial and case back using your camera, the watch model, serial number, and caliber information will all be available at your finger tips. The information is transmitted as an online watch registration form, meaning that you will not need to go online to register your Citizen manually. Not only will the app register your watch for you, it will provide you with access to many more things, like user manuals and customer care contacts to make your life as quick and easy as possible.

The My Citizen app will store all of your watches information in one place, making it so easy to find or access any specific information you may need, including date of purchase, warranty registration confirmation and manuals/setting instructions. The app will also provide notifications for new product releases from Citizen and ‘quick tap access’ to instructions when daylight savings or time-zone changes have been detected.

“It is important for Citizen to continue to seek innovation and digital leadership within the watch category,” says Barbara Garces, chief digital officer, Citizen Watch America. “By creating this application, Citizen continues to create value and convenience for its consumers through cutting edge technology.”

The My Citizen app is available for download via the Apple Store and Google Play. However, it is currently only available in the United States, being released this month, and should be making its way to the UK in the near future according to Citizen!

My Citizen

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