The Amazing Smartwatch For The Hearing Impaired

Most people don’t know that the rise of wearable computing started twenty years ago when Steve Mann built the first ever Linux powered watch. This was the first step towards the devices we have today which are almost as powerful as the desktop computers of 1998. While we have come a long way since these early devices, most smartwatches don’t do anything that other devices can’t do already.

The fitness tracking and heart rate monitoring features on the latest Apple watches are probably the nearest we’ve come to something unique for smartwatches. That is until the latest smartwatch to be announced on crowdfunding platform Arikovani – which is hopefully going to help a lot of people. The Sense Watch is an amazing smartwatch which acts as a personal assistant for the hearing impaired. If this watch reaches the market then it will potentially improve the lives of millions upon millions of people.

How Does The Sense Watch Work?

This new amazing smartwatch aims to help hearing impaired people enjoy a better quality of life. It does this in a number of different ways. One way it works is by converting sounds to “vibration language” which will help those with hearing difficulties communicate with others. Another way is by converting sound to text, which is great for people who need to understand what people are telling them.

There are many ways in which this can benefit hearing impaired people overcome day to day challenges. Many of these challenges are ones that people who don’t have hearing problems wouldn’t imagine to be problems. Such as not being able to hear someone knocking at the door and hearing dangers when out in the street. By converting these sounds to vibrations, this watch can notify people about the noises going on around them. These features can help individuals feel more comfortable being independent and looking after themselves.

It can also help hearing impaired people “feel” the music they’re listening to and sound effects in movies. This can help significantly improve quality of life by allowing people to feel included in shared activities.

This amazing smartwatch watch has even more than the specific features which aim to help hearing impaired people. It runs on the Android OS and features a wide range of standard smartwatch features like notifications about the weather and receiving data from smart TV’s. This is definitely a great choice for a smartwatch for anyone who has hearing problems. It’s a fantastic all-round smartwatch with extra features for people who have hearing difficulties.

The Sense Watch is also available for general users who do not have hearing difficulties. This version of the watch doesn’t include the additional features for people who are hearing impaired. But allows people to use the watch to communicate directly with other Sense Watch users.

How to Buy This Amazing smartwatch

This amazing smartwatch is on the crowdfunding platform Arikovani, which means “Beehive” in Turkish. This Turkish crowdfunding platform has funded projects like the Ape X Drone, a drone with an unbelievable camera. The Ape X Drone broke the record for crowdfunding in Turkey, raising an unbelievable 785,955 Turkish Lira (around £110,000).

The Sense Watch currently has 21 days of its campaign left and is over 50% funded. Both the general version for non-hearing impaired users and the full version are available for 1000TRY (about £141). If the campaign meets its funding then its expected that the watches will be delivered during December 2018.

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