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Marc Jacobs Luxury Collections

Marc Jacobs Luxury Collections

Marc Jacobs is a brilliant designer and is definitely one you should have in your wardrobe. The way that these watches are designed are beautiful and FirstClassWatches is honoured to present to you, beautiful readers Marc Jacobs Luxury Collections. The brilliant thing about this amazing designer is that there is no limit of options on his designs, all of them are very versatile and fabulous. These watches are a must have, and they are of course made with the highest quality. So lets have a look through some watches that are a tribute to Marc Jacobs genius.

Marc Jacobs Luxury Collection- Cute and Quirky.Marc Jacobs Luxury Collections

Marc Jacobs has delivered a seriously fun and quirky design, that combines fashion and adorable to a T… or is it an A? Where do I start with this stunning design? This Women’s Mandy Watch, in a gorgeous Rose Gold Tone, celebrates originality. The rose gold shade of the bracelet and dial, makes a flawless finish for this watch, because of the use of this popular shade, the quirky hour markers really work in the overall design. This flawless design is from the Luxury Marc Jacobs collections and is, in my opinion, the best quirky watch this fabulous designer has to offer.

Marc Jacobs Luxury Collections

This watch has four diamanté hour placements at twelve, three, six and nine. The rest of these stunning trinkets consist of stars; flowers; lips and many more adorable must haves that make every hour ten times more interesting. Why not try pairing this creative design with another Marc Jacobs combination this pink co-ord is perfect for you quirky and cute fashionistas out there!

Marc Jacobs Luxury Collections- Very Vintage.Marc Jacobs Luxury Collections

Who doesn’t love a bit of vintage that stunning fashion that brings the past back with a new attitude. To paraphrase that well known saying History always repeats itself, so why not make it work in your favour (fashion wise obviously) I don’t think its quite as catchy as the original. The Luxury Marc Jacobs collection obviously includes some very vintage products which could of been worn by some vintage beauties like Audrey Hepburn and Marlyn Monroe. 

This delicious Marc Jacobs Classic Watch is a seductive Navy Leather is just dripping with vintage. The phenomenal design of this watch is overflowing with couture. Firstly, the crisp and sharp design of this watch gives it a fresh reinvented feel. The vintage comes from the placing and type font of the Marc Jacobs logo. The dark gold bezel; logo and hands really complete this design. The combination of blue and gold are one as old as time. However, being as old as time doesn’t necessarily mean that it has age, this colour coordination is immortal in the eyes of fashion. This desirable watch would look good with any vintage style, or if you want to add just a hint of sophisticated vintage to your outfit, then pair this design with any 2018 fall trends.

Another gorgeous very vintage design that we give to you as one of the Marc Jacobs Luxury collections is the Classic Red Leather Watch, which is seriously seventies. The red leather is a stunning bold shade, which is accompanied by an equally bold silver. Red and silver is a brilliant paring as was worn all over in the seventies. This watch is classic in its design, and the simple dial with a touch of sparkle (the diamonds at the hour markers four through eleven) which was the common design of watches in the seventies. This design, is fun, sophisticated and very vintage. Marc Jacobs Luxury Collections lives up to their name with this beauty. Marc Jacobs Luxury Collections

Why not  combine this very vintage watch with another simple, elegant and vintage design? This stunning collection by Marc Jacobs, illustrated by the outstanding vogue, really combines the looks together.

Why not add this watch to your collection, or if you are not a big fan of the red then check in out in the Bright Blue Leather Strap, its just as fabulous!

Marc Jacobs Luxury Collections

Marc Jacobs Luxury Collections- Bright and Beautiful.Marc Jacobs Luxury Collections

I love bright and beautiful, when you wear something bright it make you look fresh and new. And on a early Monday morning a bit of fresh and new will get you through the day. Marc Jacobs Luxury Collections give us some bright and beautiful designs. Like this Women’s Classic Teal Leather Watch.Marc Jacobs Luxury Collections

This watches combination of a very bright teal blue and a stunning light shade of gold with a yellow undertone. This combination is quite original, and of course the genius Marc Jacob knew it would work. This new trend setter watch is light and has the stunning Marc Jacobs logo displayed proudly inside the dial. This watch is of the same design of the very vintage, however the fresh new colours definitely bring it into the twenty-first century.


Why not match this watch with other totally gorgeous Teal designs that are rocking the runway this season.

Marc Jacobs Luxury Collections- Magnificent Metallic.

Finally, to conclude some of the fabulous designs that Marc Jacobs Luxury Collections have to offer, there are some brilliant watches that are of course in that classic metallic design. These watches typically radiate elegance and class, this flawless Classic Marc Jacobs Silver Tone Watch is smack bam in the middle of the blue with classic metallic watches.Marc Jacobs Luxury Collections

This silver watch is classy, the almost plated mesh bracelet would hang delicately on the wrist, this simple design will pair with any style, look or occasion. The white silver dial is flawless and angelic, giving this design the ability to pair with any other sexy silver accessory.

Marc Jacobs Luxury Collections have so much to offer to the public, they are stunning and a tribute to this designers genius. So, what are you waiting for add a Marc Jacobs watch to your wardrobe today!

All of these watches are available on FirstClassWatches.


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