MeisterSinger Perigraph Bronze 2018

MeisterSinger Perigraph Bronze

Metal with character

The Luxury one handed watch brand presents the MeisterSinger Perigraph Bronze 2018 Edition

The brand new MeisterSinger Perigraph Bronze, a watch to show the time with one single hand – for people who simply want to stay on track. The principle of this style of display is similar to that of the early renditions of clock towers, and therefor gives a huge historic value to the brand, and its watches. Featuring purely functional typography and consistently including double digits to indicate the hours. This fits perfectly wit the MeisterSinger philosophy of always doing things their own way. With their signature open date ring, the perigraph has long since become an iconic classic in the world of watch design, and now its latest iteration is a limited edition model, with a solid bronze case, filled with instrumental character.

Cultural progress

A high strength alloy of copper and tin, bronze in the world of watch making represents cultural progress for many brands around the world. It has served as the ideal casting for all valuable scientific equipment before the understanding of manufacturing stainless steel came to the forefront of manufacture.

Although bronze is extremely resilient, time does leave a mark on the material, leaving patterns and colours as time goes on. It is not possible to forecast how the material will age, the patina develops uniquely on each piece, giving antifascist effects on all surfaces.

The fact that a bronze case is not only capable of expertly protecting a technical instrument over a period of a number of years, but also that the ageing process is a visible reaction, gives another reason for MeisterSinger to bring out the Perigraph in bronze.

We have recently seen Mühle Glashütte release the popular Yacht-Timer in a bronze case, which you can read all about here. Around a year ago we also saw a fantastic new Aikon bronze from Maurice LaCroix and of course the limited edition Oris, Carl Brashear chronograph with a bronze case.

Signs of Aging

The surface of the MeisterSinger Perigraph Bronze is robust and elegant, and will also age and take on a beautiful dark patina as the watch is worn, and the environment it is used in. The Swiss automatic movement inside the watch powering the timepiece has a long life expectancy, bringing reliability and dependency to the piece. When the box is first opened, the perigraph will have a shining, bronze case, un-touched, and with a reddish gleam. It matches the ‘Old Radium’ coloured hands and indices as well as the red instrumental highlights. The antique vintage calfskin strap visually anticipates the aging process of the fantastic bronze case.

The Perigraph Bronze 2018 Edition is limited to 100 pieces.


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