A G-Shock Watch in Space?

G-Shock Watch

Will a G-Shock watch be sold to Aliens in a Casio Space Shop?

Kikuo Ibe may be a name that some of us aren’t too familiar with, but to collectors, this man is treated like a Marvel superhero, idolised by so many around the world. Why? Ibe is the original creator of the G-Shock watch, 35 years ago, and is to thank for some of the most influential watches of the past three decades.

In an Interview with WatchPro in the G-Shock Carnaby Street store in London, Mr. Ibe was asked what G-shock could look like in another 35 years, and he gave an answer that no one was expecting!

Kikuo Ibe boldly predicted that in 2053, the world will have conquered space, and not only this, but there will be a G-Shock watch made for space too! Most would have expected a reply referring to land, air and sea, and how G-Shock plan on advancing technologies and designs to conquer these fronts, not space.

“I think we will see a G-Shock for space,”
“And the watches will be sold in a Casio Space Shop, maybe to aliens,” Kikuo added.

With the likes of Elon Musk planning on sending customer flights around the moon very soon, space doesn’t seem all to far away, but the technologies and advancements required to make it are so huge, is it really possible for us to create high street watches compatible with space?

We have previously seen the likes of the Seiko Astron and the XCOR Aerospace Luminox tackle the mysteries of space, but none have managed to sell a watch to an Alien yet. Let’s hope the first is E.T. not Ridley Scott’s Alien!

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