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Accessorising an Evening Gown

Whether it is a event, prom or a ball, getting ready for an event where you get to wear an evening gone is always one of the funniest experiences there is! Evening gowns are traditionally floor length and they come in many different styles and shapes. The right evening gown will give you a look of transparent beauty and will compliment your figure and colouring perfectly. When Accessorising an evening gown you can make the entire look flow with understated elegance which will have you catching everyone’s eye.

Whether your evening gown is light and simple or puffy and princess themed accessorising an evening gown with the right jewellery is the key to an outfit you will wish you could wear everyday.

Accessorising an Evening Gown with Colour.Accessorising an Evening Gown

There are two ways to accessorise and evening gown with colour, both of them look fabulous, it just depends on which one you like more. Firstly you can accessories your evening gown with the same colour as the dress. This will give your look a flawless theme and will compliment your radiance perfectly.

Combine your outfit with accessories of the same shade. Make sure they are an exact colour match. If they are not, your beautiful dress may risk looking tacky instead of elegant. When Accessorising an Evening Gown with colour of the same shade the object is to aim for effortless beauty. (Even if it takes you hours to get ready.)

Combine a midnight blue dress with matching accessories such as this stunning Kenneth Cole Watch. This watch will match that dress perfectly and the bold shade of blue will add to the dress instead of taking away from it. The blue leather strap means that it is subtle and elegance which is the object of the combination of the same colours. And the simple gold casing, gives you the option of matching your other accessories to that shade. Accessorising an Evening Gown

If you have a white dress then why not match it with more white accessories for an angelic and innocent look. If you want to add a touch of spice then combine your dress with a stunning shade of red lipstick.

Accessorising an Evening Gown

These breathtaking White My iMenso White Long drop Earrings with Genuine Swarovski would look amazing with a simple white evening gown. The combination of a subtle bit of sparkle, in the long drop will make you the most beautiful women in the room.

Accessorising an Evening Gown

If you have a green Evening Gown then pair it with these flawless white gold and emerald earrings by First Class Diamonds. The combination of the white gold and the emerald will catch the light perfectly. The fact that they are stud’s allows your gown to remain the centre of attention, and the bright earrings will look perfect with your hair in a flawless up-do.

These are just three of many colours to accessorise and evening gown with. You can combine them together with the same shade of your dress for a flawless finish.

The second way to accessories a gown with colour is to add a second colour that compliments the shade of the gown. For example black would compliment a red gown perfectly, but not a brown. And pink would look gorgeous with a blue gown, but not with a red. With this combination of colour the aim is to maintain simple elegance, but still getting that edgy and original look by combining these separate shades together.

Accessorising an Evening Gown with all shades of gold. Accessorising an Evening Gown

I love a bit of gold with an evening gown, it adds that classic royal look to your outfit. There are so many beautiful shades of gold to accessories with as well, but pick a shade and stick with it. If yo combine different materials of gold it will make all of the accessories look cheap and not well put together. So, decide if you love Rose Gold or yellow gold or regular bold gold ladies and lets have a look.

Accessorising an Evening Gown

These beautiful Yellow Gold Diamond Stud Earrings by Treasure House are perfect for any ball. There flawless complexion combined with the beautiful show of diamonds would pair perfectly with any darker coloured evening gown.

Accessorising an Evening Gown

This stunning shade of rose gold is playful and elegant. The smooth finish of rose gold is perfect for jazzing up really plain evening dresses. Say if you have a long black simple evening gown then add some rose gold to the mix to bring out all of your best features. This stunning Rose Gold Ring by Thomas Sabo is the way to go.

Accessorising an Evening Gown

If you love the original shade of gold then why not treat your evening gown to a necklace as a companion. This beautiful simple, yet striking Gold Plated Necklace by Tommy Hilfiger will look perfect with any dark shade.

Accessorising an Evening Gown with Silver.Accessorising an Evening Gown

Silver is a beautiful yet understated colour to accessories with. It goes with basically any shade of colour (Personally, I would avoid accessorising brown with it) its elegance is flawless and whether you have a silver dress or a black one with will pair beautifully.

Accessorising an Evening Gown

This beautiful yet simple Seven days Bar silver necklace by Chamilia charms is perfect for any low cut evening dress. Whether its strapless, sweetheart of v-necked. This necklace will compliment your figure perfectly.

Accessorising an Evening Gown

The brilliant thing about accessorising an Evening Gown with Silver is that it means as it is such an understated colour you can combine it with other coloured accessories. Like this stunning Festina Ladies Watch with Swarovski Crystals and a Mesh Bracelet. The way that the crystals sit inside the case gives it a edge and the combination of these colours is effortless. This watch would look particularly beautiful with a silver and black lace evening gown.

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