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New In: Daniel Wellington Collection

new in Daniel Wellington Collection

Daniel Wellington is now an established brand with their own iconic look, a combination of elegance and minimalism. If you are a fan of their timepieces you will be pleased to know that they have some new additions to their collection, variants of their Bayswater and Roselyn watches. Daniel Wellington are well known for their NATO strap which were inspired by Daniel Wellington himself; a British man with impeccable style.

Daniel Wellington’s History

Daniel Wellington

If you aren’t already familiar with their story, it begins when the brand founderĀ Filip Tysander met Daniel Wellington himself during a meeting halfway around the world. As Filip was inspired by his look and NATO strap, he decided to create a collection of watches which were simplistic yet refined and with interchangeable straps which have appealed to a wide range of styles all over the world.

The appeal in the design of these NATO straps stems from expressing ones individuality, which is one of the main features of the interchangeable strap. The benefit of these straps is that you can change them to suit your look not only keeping up with the changes in your wardrobe but also with the recent trends.

More on the NATO strap

The NATO strap was originally established by the navy back in the 1970’s but has since developed to how we see it now. The NATO strap in its simplest explanation is a combination of different colours on a single strap, each timeless in their own way. As Daniel Wellington say themselves, it means that you can have watch for everyday of the week, a watch for any occasion.

The NATO strap is not the only strap that Daniel Wellington offer, there are also a selection of Italian leather straps as well as light weight mesh straps for optimal comfort on your wrist.

The New Daniel Wellington Collection

Daniel Wellington watches are very versatile not only with their interchangeable style, but also because all of their watches are unisex, coming in a 40mm size as well as a 36mm size. Here is a closer look at their newest timepieces in their collection.


This collection is in a gorgeous navy blue with the option of having a black dial or white dial. The cases on this watch are also available in silver or rose gold which means there is a style that fits everyones individual needs. These bayswater watches are right on trendĀ  for the fall and winter ahead with blue being one of the central colours to this season. These timepieces have a nautical style to them however they are not overcomplicated showing off a sophisticated a minimalistic look.


These Roselyn timepieces style a warm burgundy, another colour trend for fall and winter fashion this 2018. Again there is a range of options in terms of style with black dials and white dials but also the option of having a silver case or rose gold case. These watches are elegant in style and can be co ordinated with other accessories for both an informal everyday look to a more formal style for those special occasions.

The newest models of the Daniel Wellington Collection are in stock and available to buy on our website. If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to get in contact via our website, via phone or you can also visit our watch shop based on the Kenilworth high street, happy shopping!

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