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Movado Museum Collection

Movado Museum Collection

The Movado watch brand began back in 1881 when 19 year old entrepreneur Achille Ditesheim founded the company. Since then, Movado watches have made their statement in the watch market by winning multiple awards for their innovative watch design. Their watches have been and still are featured in museums world wide, one of their timepieces even being featured in the Museum of Modern Art, New York as part of their permanent collection, which has lead to the production of the Movado Museum Collection.

The inspiration behind their design is not actually inspired by time itself, it is inspired by the sun. The most iconic feature of Movado watches is the gold dot at the 12 o’clock mark of the dial and it actually represents the sun, the hands being the earth that moves around the sun.


“We do not know time as a number sequence,” Horwitt said, “but by the position of the sun as the earth rotates.”

Movado Museum Collection

The classic museum watch is the epiphany of the modern design movement which dates back to 1919. One of its purest designs of course being the black dialled watch with the iconic gold dot. We have acquired some of their newer models from the Movado museum collection and they are bold yet handsome in design. The first watch is Movado’s Mens Museum Black Leather Strap Gold Plated Case.

In some of our previous blogs we often mention that Movado’s overall style and design is aimed at those that not only want to make a statement but prefer the minimalist trend. This watch is a great representation of this trend with the only two colours being gold and black with no other details on the dial other than the iconic gold dot. This watch is made from a sturdy leather which means that it has durable qualities. For added protection this watch is also made from scratch resistant mineral glass so you can get on with day to day activities without worrying about damaging the dial. The second watch from the Movado museum collection is Movado Mens Museum Brown Leather Strap.

This watch is a simular design to the previous model however feature a brown leather strap with an all black dial and case. As with all Movado timepieces it also includes the dot at the 12 o’clock mark however black with a silver outline and silver hands. This is well suited for those that prefer a casual style however it will also be a great addition to formal attire. As with the previous model, this watch is made from a durable leather strap and protected by scratch resistant sapphire glass.

Both of the watches mentioned in this blog post are currently in stock. If you have any further questions about the Movado museum collection the you can contact us via our website, via phone or alternatively you can visit our watch shop based on the Kenilworth high street, Warwickshire.

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