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Movado Group Takes On MVMT Watches

MVMT Watches

Movado Group are a watch brand in their own right as well as owning and selling a variety of other watch brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss and Lacoste. They have made news in the watch market recently for purchasing MVMT, a start up brand which started back in 2013. This small watch brand was founded by Jacob Kassan and Kramer LaPlante and Movado group bought them for $100 million dollars, in 2017 alone MVMT watches made $71 million in revenue.

MVMT is a brand aimed at millennial’s, creating watches not for their function but purely for their style. Not only will this expand Movado Group’s portfolio on their existing brands but it will mean that Movado Group’s target audience will be expanding. MVMT was created for millennial’s in competition with other brands such as Fossil and Daniel Wellington. They started with a strong online presence which is still strong today due to their roots surrounding fashion.

If you are already familiar with MVMT then you might have an idea for their style, however, if you are not well acquainted with this contemporary brand then you may be pleased to know that we are going to be stocking them here at First Class Watches in the near future. Here is a sneak peak at some of their designs for both men and women.

We also stock Movado Group’s flagship brand, Movado, which you can read all about here; Movado Watches. These are fantastic luxury watches, with a minimalist style, and true quality and reliability.


Men’s MVMT Watches

MVMT Mens Revolver Opar

MVMT Watches

Unlike some of the other designs by MVMT this one appears to have a more futuristic theme with a blue and silver colour combination and a minimalist dial. The watch itself is not over complicated in design but it is still a watch that would make a bold fashion statement.

MVMT Mens Voyager Outback

MVMT Watches

This next timepiece combines contemporary designs with colours that have a vintage feel. It is a watch that will not only finish your outfit but add to your attire, giving you a fashionable edge. This watch is well suited for those that wear street style, it will certainly catch the eye.

MVMT Watches

Women’s MVMT Watches

MVMT Women’s Boulevard Watch Monica


This watch looks particularly versatile in regards to its style. Whilst the bold black leather and rose combination is well fitting to a work or business environment, it has a contemporary feel to it. It is perfect for those that prefer a highly sophisticated and elegant sense of style.

MVMT Women’s Boulevard Watch Wilshire


This design is completely different from the model previously mentioned however it shares the same characteristics in terms of its elegance and sophistication. It is the kind of accessory that can be worn to a range of different occasions from casual everyday wear to formal dinners.

The watches mentioned in this blog are not available to purchase currently however they will be sold in the near future. If you have any questions about MVMT watches or Movado Group then you can contact us via our website, via phone or if you are local to the West Midlands you can visit our watch shop which is based on the Kenilworth high street.

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