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Accessorising a Navy Dress

Accessorising a Navy Dress

Accessorising a Navy Dress- Why go navy?

Why go Navy? Remember how in basically every single post I have ever written I have stated blue goes with everything and yes I really do mean everything! Navy is part of the blue family, it is a beautiful dark shade of blue with a statement in its own right. Navy is a gorgeous colour and combined with the right accessories it will have you turning heads as you walk down the street. There are some awesome designers who have made some of the most stunning navy dresses, and the fantastic thing about dresses are that they are the chameleons of fashion, they are amazing for any occasion form casual to wedding guest dresses to everything in between. Its time to get your notepads out ladies as I am about to talk you through accessorising a Navy Dress.

Accessorising a Navy Dress- Accessorising a Casual Tommy Hilfiger Navy Dresses?

Tommy Hilfiger has some gorgeous navy dresses which are perfect for day to day wear! These stunning little outfits are a perfect addition to your casual wardrobe.

This Logo Tank Dress by Tommy Hilfiger is perfect for any of you ladies that love a bit of comfortable fashion. The straight lines of this dress and the simple flick at the bottom created by the pure cotton gives it a lovely finish.

This beautiful Rose Gold Plated watch also by the same designer would combine perfectly with the simplicity of the casual navy dress. Navy and Rose Gold will go well together, the flawless combination of the same coloured dial and bracelet and with the slight mesh detailing. The beautiful diamond casing adds a touch of sparkle to this edgy dress.

Tommy Hilfiger Womens Olivia Rose Gold Plated Watch 1781911

Another casual Navy Dress that will look gorgeous in your every day wardrobe is this Shirttail Hem Dress by Tommy Hilfiger. How you accessories this Navy dress and other navy dresses like this is you match your accessories to the other subtle colour.

On this dress there are two symmetrical white stripes, so you match your accessories to this. This gorgeous Tommy Hilfiger Womens White ceramic Bracelet Avery Watch would look stunning, as it brings out the white in and will compliment the navy shade perfectly. So if you have a causal navy dress that has another small amount of colour on it, match your accessories with the other colour for a killer look.

Tommy Hilfiger Womens White Ceramic Bracelet Avery Watch 1781956

If you are wearing a one shouldered navy dress like this signature mesh one shouldered dress by Tommy Hilfiger, then its time to get your sea legs on (not literally, please do not walk into the water with a beautiful one shouldered navy dress). The sailor look has always been in, and that’s because the combination of navy, white and red is gorgeous!

If you have one shouldered, the statement is the navy dress. So go simple with your accessories if it is a causal dress stick with a rope or plastic accessory. Like this beautiful Tom Hope small sterling silver Atlantic bracelet. Tom Hope’s jewellery is all very sailor themed, and gorgeous obviously! The small detail of the combing colours will make the navy dress pop.

Tom Hope Sterling Silver Atlantic 3 Small TM0031

Casual high neck dresses are very in this season and they add a classy dynamic to your style. high neck dresses look especially gorgeous in navy as the dark shade from the blue family compliments your skin tone beautifully. (Also, you can usually get away with not wearing a bra, which feels amazing!)

If you invest in a high-necked casual dress, then I would recommend getting one with a pleated midi skirt. This is because the pleated material will take this dress from formal to casual. For example this high neck pleated skirt dress by Tommy Hilfiger is the perfect casual navy dress. As you can see the shape of this dress would be perfect for everyday as it is a breathable material. The fun length means that it can be worn anywhere.

When accessorising a  high necked navy dress it is time to get those beautiful ears of yours on show. The bigger the better. Hoops are the right addition to this outfit as the high neck makes the hoops look classy, and the hoops make the dress look casual. I know, its genius! Have a look at these 9k three toned hoop earrings by Treasure House. With a casual high-neck navy dress your hoop earrings can be as bold and colourful as you like, Navy will go with pretty much all colours, the way the colours are put together will make this whole look fun and sexy.

Treasure House 9k Yellow/Rose GOld/White Gold Earrings ER1002

I don’t know about you, but I love a Shirt Dress! They are the definition of smart casual! Perfect for those office casual Fridays. Shirt dresses look incredible in Navy, if you don’t believe me check out this Self tie shirt dress by Tommy Hilfiger. When you are accessorising a navy shirt dress, a top tip is go gold. Gold and Navy works! The gold makes the whole look royal and the combination of the soft styled dress and the bold coloured accessories is perfect. This beautiful Calvin Klein Cheers yellow gold watch would go perfectly! The minimalist hands and simple white dial make this watch perfect for casual wear with your navy shirt dress.

Calvin Klein Ladies Cheers Yellow Gold Watch K8N23546

Match your gold watch and navy shirt dress with some sparkly gold stud’s to complete your outfit. The matching coloured accessories will really bring out your beautiful skin tone and eyes. Trust me on this one! Like these Fossil Womens PVD Rose Gold Plated earrings.

Fossil Womens PVD Rose Gold Plated Earrings JF00830791

Accessorising a Navy Dress- Accessorising a  Lacoste Casual Navy Dresses?

Interlock dresses are bringing the flirty 40’s back to the 200’s. Interlock dresses are styled of old nurses dresses and they are beautiful! The navy colour of these dresses makes the figure on anyone look amazing. For example this causal Fitted Flared Interlock dress by Lacoste would look stunning on you! When accessorising this shade of navy and style of dress, you want add a touch of colour to make this dress a lot less serious.

These beautiful Multi coloured Feather Earrings from Thomas Sabo’s Glam and Soul collection give this classic look a modern update. The subtle colours and the length of these earrings wont take away from your navy collection but add to it.

Thomas Sabo Womens Glam And Soul multicolour Feather earrings H1992-340-7

Combine your navy interlock dress by Lactose with one of the brands famous fabulous watches. Go a pastel colour too make this look more playful! Like this pretty pastel pink watch. The simplicity and material will give your outfit that 2018 street style that is so hot right now!

Lacoste Womans 12.12 Watch Pink 2001003

Lacoste signature is a very close tie between there beautiful watches and there classic polo shirts. Navy dresses are beautiful and brilliant to accessories. If you love the posh totty look then check out this twisted polo dress by Lacoste. The beautiful polo shirt will accentuate the top half of your figure and the skirt will sit beautifully around your waist. It literally brings you a twist on one of Lacoste’s signature items.

When you are accessorising this classic look, it is a brilliant time to match those navy shades. Accessorising a Navy Dress with a matching Navy watch from the same designer gives this look a whole new level of casual sophistication. Go leather with this matching Navy Leather Strap and Navy Dial watch by Lacoste. The Gold case gives that added touch of shine to your outfit. You will literally turn heads as you rock this ensemble.

Lacoste Womans Navy Leather Strap Navy Dial Gold Case 2000950

Personally this is my absolute favourite way of accessorising a navy dress! Mini dresses are obviously a must have in everyone’s wardrobe. If you want to go casual with your navy mini dress then get one with a collar and a mainly cotton material. This beautiful Slim Fit Bicolour polo collar stretch mini dress in (of course) navy is exactly what im talking about!

Now, this is the fun part. When accessorising a navy dress, particularly a mini dress you can go as fun and as bright as you like. Yes that’s really the truth! Take this Lacoste Victoria Multi-colour white watch and combine it with your casual navy mini dress and watch it rocket you right back to the 1960’s! The stunning design of coloured crystal set bezel in the Lacoste signature crocodile combined with the leather strap is so incredibly retro its amazing! Seriously, what are you waiting for? I just got mine!

Lacoste Victoria Multicolour White Watch 2000822

Accessorising a Navy Dress- Accessorising a Navy Date Night Ted Baker Dress?

Whether its a date with the person you have had your eye on for ages, a anniversary or just the chance for you and your significant other to get away from the stresses of every day life, date night is an amazing thing! Yes the wine, food and other… uhm….activities are great (hopefully)! But I am talking about the part every women loves, getting ready! Navy is the perfect colour for date night, so come on ladies, keep reading as I walk you through accessorising a Ted Baker navy dress. Why Ted Baker you ask? Because Ted Baker is the king of romance and special occasions, obviously!

Lets start of with a casual date night! Whether its a romantic meal at home or a night out at the movies your navy dress can be as causal as you like. This sweet little navy dress by Ted Baker is perfect. It is a printed collar shift dress with two beautiful embroidered hearts and a printed collar.

When accessorising this style navy dress texture is everything. This green Henry London petite square Heritage watch is the perfect combination. The beautiful lather material in this colour adds a soft texture to your navy outfit. The golden steel case and the green dial would make this look as adorable and pretty as you are.

Henry London Heritage Womens Petite Square Watch Green HL26-QS-0258

Add these Minnie Mouse Bowtique earrings by Chamilia Charms. Because they are studs they won’t take away from the navy but add another layer of texture to your style.

Chamilia Minnie Mouse Bowtique Earrings 1311-0002

If you are hitting that fancy restaurant you have wanted to go to then a combination of navy and satin. Satin is a seductive silky material and it looks great in all colours, especially navy and silver as it gives it that flawless finish. So why not have a look at this beautiful V-neck tunic dress by Ted Baker. The combination of the silver navy and other colours is so sophisticated and sexy I nearly fell of my chair!

When accessorising a combination of navy, bold prints and silver, go sophisticated and light. This means your accessories won’t take away from the dress, they will work with it. This Ted Baker gold Bow, silver Dial and Pink Leather strap watch, will work with this style of navy dress amazingly. The softness of the pink will make the accessorising subtle as the statement is the dress. The silver will compliment the silver on the dress and make the navy pop! When accessorising a navy dress with added print, this is the way to go!

Ted Baker Womens Andrea Gold Bow Dial Pink Leather Strap TE15199001

What says sexy and sophisticated more than pearls? Nothing! Thats right get your self a single pearl stainless steel necklace by Skagen when accessorising a navy dress.

Skagen Womans Stainless Steel Agnethe Necklace SKJ0749040Skater dresses are not just for hipsters, trust me! They look good in Navy! This mesh panelled skater dress by Ted Baker is so perfect for date night. The combination of the netting and the fabric makes this skater style original and classy.

The brilliant thing about accessorising a navy dress of this style is that you don’t need much! This beautiful Asian Ornaments ring by Thomas Sabo which is also part of the Glam and Soul collection, will add a hint of colour to your look. The beautiful Asian inspired design will take your navy Skater dress from Hipster to classy. Red and Navy are seductive when they are put together, your date will be taken aback when you rock up in this outfit.

Thomas Sabo Womens Glam And Soul Asian Ornaments Ring TR2163-626-10-52

I love some zips in my life, if you don’t then you really should. I love zips in places there wouldn’t usually be zips. On date night this beautiful navy Chinoiserie Jacquard zipped dress with a full tulip skirt will really wow your other half.

Once again when accessorising a navy dress like this you really do not need to go big! Go simple and elegant as the dress is the statement. This crisp Three-toned ring by Calvin Klein by will compliment to colours on the tulip skirt beautifully. The way the ring is moulded together is perfect as it is a statement but a petite one.

Calvin Klein Crisp Three Tone Ring KJ1RDR300107

Why not add a watch so you are ready on time for your classy date? Match your accessories together with a statement navy dress like this one. they don’t have to match the dress just each other for a well-put-together look.

This Ted Baker Womens Kate Pink Dial Stainless Steel Mesh Bracelet is the one to get for this look! The stainless steel and the pink are the same as the ring above. It is beautifully designed. The highly polished stainless steel and luxurious mesh bracelet is powered by precision quartz technology. So its beautiful and powerful, just like you!

The way the mesh is designed on the bracelet will accessories a zipped navy dress well as the material matches the one of the zip bringing it to attention and complimenting the dark navy tones.

Ted Baker Womens Kate Pink Dial Silver Stainless Steel Mesh Bracelet TE50070003

Finally, when Accessorising a Navy Dress for a date night you always need a frill! Navy dresses with some added frill really work well together. As it is such a sophisticated shade it makes the frills look complex and not tacky. They are really simple to accessories, this Frill cuff navy dress be Ted Baker is a perfect example of this. The combination of different materials makes the skirt look flirtation and the top look classy.

When accessorising this style of Navy dress, you really don’t need much. Add a touch of vintage to your look and go for the earrings. Don’t be afraid to go sparkly with the stud style. Fossil’s Vintage Glitz Crystal Earrings are perfect! They would catch the light perfectly and your date will fall in love then and there!

Fossil Womans Vintage Glitz Crystal Earrings JF00134040

Accessorising a Navy Dress- How to accessories a wedding guest with Ted Baker?

Why do navy dresses and weddings go so perfectly together? There is one reason, class! Weddings, no matter where they are and who they are for are a classy and timeless event. Nave is the perfect shade of blue to combine with classy. Ted Baker is of course a go to when finding wedding dresses and his navy selection does not fail to amaze. When accessorising for a wedding you want to go top quality and incredibly elegant. So lets get to work!

Lets start of with a statement! If you wear a cocktail dress at a wedding it can be as fabulous as you choose. So why not go fabulous? Navy is the perfect colour to make fabulous elegant. This beautiful pleated full bodice skirt dress by Ted Baker is the perfect statement for any wedding! The material makes it elegant and the design makes it unique.

When accessorising a navy dress in a statement style there is only one way to go. pearls! Thats right, a beautiful pearl simple necklace will make this look vintage and sophisticated. Perfect for a wedding!

These MY iMenso Freshwater shell necklace would look beautiful with a statement dress especially if it is strapless or one-shouldered. Pearls have survived the test of fashion time for a reason!

MY iMenso Freshwater Shell Necklace + Endcap (925/Rhod-Pla 27-0513-60

Accessorise your statement navy dress with a watch with an edge. Make sure the dial is the same colour as the dress as it will make the navy look expensive in the best way! This drop-dead-gorgeous watch by Calvin Klein is a delight (like its name). The way the two steel bangles twist there way around the oval case is a statement. The delicious blue mother-of-pear dial will match your pearl necklace and compliment your navy dress perfectly.

Calvin Klein Womens Delight, Blue Mother of Pearl (medium) K1A2481E

Carrying on with the statements, a perfect time to wear a maxi dress is at a wedding. Particularly a statement maxi dress. As I said before red and navy are romantic together and whats more of a perfect time for romance than a wedding? If you go floral with these colours they create the right level of romantic and sweet.  Like this Kyoto Gardens maxi dress by Ted Baker. Its oriental style is unique and classy. When accessorising a navy dress with a combination of red you shouldn’t add more of the same colour instead go with a basic white accessory.

A watch will take this look down from statement wedding guest. Combine this navy and red dress by Ted Baker with a beautiful White leather Rose Gold Case Watch also by Ted Baker. The small rose gold bow and rose gold case will add a touch of metallic to your floral look, combining materials and prints in true 2018 style! The white leather strap will look beautiful and not to overpowering with the Navy and Red combination.

Ted Baker Womens Brook Rose Gold Bow Dial Rose Gold Case White Leather TEC0185005

Ruffles are in, and if you are anything like me you will love them! Ruffles are perfect for weddings and they are stunning in navy! Check out this Ruffle detail Cotton dress by Ted Baker. The pink inside the ruffles is pink!

When accessorising a navy dress with ruffles, you do not need to go crazy! The ruffles in there own right are an accessory! So go with some simple pearl earrings like these pearl Earring by Thomas Sabo.Thomas Sabo Womens Glam And Soul Freshwater Pearl Earrings H1943-082-14

For weddings off shoulder navy dresses with a print pattern is the ideal navy wedding guest dress. Obviously the king Ted Baker had provided this! Ted’s Arboretum off shoulder midi dress is gorgeous! and the brilliant thing about off shoulder dresses is that they suit all body shapes. The midi length makes this style go from ball gown to wedding guest effortlessly.

When accessorising a off the shoulder dress use that space at the top. Go with some stunning statement, sparkly earrings. The more they catch the light the better! These beautiful MY iMenso White long Drop earrings with genuine Swarovski would make you the best dressed guest.

MY iMenso White Long Drop Earring With Genuine Swarovski S 27-0862

Accessorising a Navy Dress- Night life Navy with Lipsy.

Night life is the perfect time to get those sexy dresses on and show some skin! Lipsy is perfect for this as there use of materials and styles are perfect for those of you who like to party and dance the night away! When you are accessorising a Navy dress for the night life you can go big bold and my favourite… sparkly!

Lace is the perfect material to hit the night life with! The material looks sexy and is also comfortable and breathable. Body con lacy dresses are gorgeous and will make your curves look outstanding! This navy Lace Body-con Dress by Lipsy is perfect for the night life!

Pop on some rose gold with this navy look! Rose gold is perfect when accessorising a navy dress for the nightlife! These ChloBo Rose gold feather cuff stud earrings are perfect for this Lacey navy dress.

ChloBo Rose Feather Cuff Stud Earrings REST729

Pair these Rose Gold Feather Earrings with a stunning Rose gold sparkly watch! Like this Rose Gold Lipsy watch. The accessories match and the sparkles will have you looking hot all night long!

Lipsy WomansRose Gold LP444

Finally, this gorgeous Lipsy Glitter bonded Dress is perfect for a night out! The sophisticated tunic skirt adds a casual cocktail dress theme to it. The navy and the silver gives it the perfect opportunity to accessories with some silver!

As you are going out you don’t need to worry about simplicity. This stunning Lipsy Silver lace dial watch is so perfect for those navy and silver dresses! This watch will catch the light (whether that’s in a club or a bar) perfectly. The lace strap gives this design an evening look, and the Aztec engravings in the silver dial makes this watch unique.

Lipsy Womens Silver Lace Dial Watch LP570

To complete this Navy and Silver combo add a ring! Rings are stunning as they can come in so many textures! Thomas Sabo has once again delivered a beautiful ring from his Glam and Soul collection that is perfect at accessorising a navy dress! This Sterling Silver Ring is sparkly and deliciously designed.  The diamonds add that night life sparkle and the smallness of the ring does not take away from the navy dress and it matches the silver watch! And this beautiful ring is on sale right now! What are you waiting for!

Thomas Sabo Glam and Soul Sterling Silver Ring 56 TR2110-051-14-56


So as you can see ladies there are so many reasons why navy is so perfect for every occasion! the way that it compliments every skin tone, every body type and every style is perfect. Navy and dresses are what you want in your life!

Accessorising a Navy Dress is simple and works well depending on what style you fall in love with. Whether that is any of the styles you have seen today or something that you have your eye on! Navy is the way to go!

All of these accessories are available at First Class Watches!

If you loved reading these blogs as much as I love writing them they stay tuned for more on Latest Styles. 


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