Which Wrist do you Wear a Watch?

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This is an unspoken question that I am sure many of our customers are wondering, is there a right wrist to wear a watch? There are a number of factors to take into consideration when it comes to this question, it is a tradition? Or is it just down to personal preference? In light or this commonly wondered question I thought I would do some digging to see if there really is a right wrist to wear a watch.

wear a watch


Let go back to basics and look at the design of a watch. The first indication of a wrist preference is actually hinted by the crown, which is almost always found on the right side of the watch, unless it is specially made on the left side. The reason for this is so that the watch can be wound easily, especially if you are right handed. So based on the position of the crown it looks like the structure of the watch favours it to be worn on the left side.

Wear a watch

Writing Hand

This is more of a grey area as people can write with either their left or their right hand. For arguments sake it is common knowledge that the majority of the world actually write with their right hand. The reason it is suggested to wear a watch on the opposite hand of your writing hand is so that the watch doesn’t get in the way or scrape against the table you are writing and as a result get damaged. So again it appears that unless you are left handed the most common hand to wear a watch on is the left hand.

Wear a watch

Personal Preferance?

If we are honest, our recommendation is wear a watch on the wrist that suits you and your lifestyle. I personally think that 2018 is not the year for following tradition and it just so happens that I decide which wrist to wear my watch on in the morning as I am getting ready for a work day. Today I chose to wear my watch on the left wrist, but tomorrow? Who knows.

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