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Calvin Klein Watches

Calvin Klein Watches

So, I think it’s a pretty fair assumption to say that all fashionistas have heard of, or own Calvin Klein, whether its underwear, sportswear or a handbag. And of course they are all stunning, Calvin Klein is an amazing designer who makes understated work. His designs are classy and never fail to amaze. And they always proudly state the designers name. So ladies, whether you are in to classy, bold and bright, alternative or all of the above fashion, I can guarantee Klein will compliment your personal style.   

And what better to compliment your personal style than with Calvin Klein watches? I couldn’t think of anything else either! These beautiful watches by this outstanding designer are the working contradiction of simple, elegant, unique and somehow still a statement. Only a true genius could come up with a fashion oxymoron like this. So my darling readers, let’s have a look at some of these flawlessly designed watches.

Calvin Klein Minimal Mesh Bracelet Black Dial

Calvin Klein Watches

In school, wasn’t everyone totally jealous of that beautiful girl who was also insanely smart and  effortless, and you would think, how do they do it? Well Calvin Klein recreated this in a watch. And how did he do it? With one of the most elegant and smartest technology there is. The renowned designer teamed up with the Swiss Swatch Group and combined beauty with brains, a dangerously sexy combination. The unique texture would pair perfectly with denim, and as I have said in my last blogs this season more is more pair this watch with an adorable denim frill pencil skirt, or a tight-fit coloured denim set of dungarees. This watch isn’t only gorgeous, it is also a smart watch too, it’s mesh bracelet is designed to be comfortable, durable and most importantly (in my opinion) insanely fashionable right now. The reason this watch would pair so well with denim (and yes this includes them comfy old jeans that you have never thrown away, don’t worry we all have a pair) is because of the mesh bracelet and the shade of the watch itself. And guess what ladies, here is where the brain comes in, the sapphire crystal glass is scratch resistant, this watch has Swiss made precision movement (for those who don’t speak watch, this means its really, really good) and its waterproof. So this watch will also withstand the beach this summer! Are you ready to be the beautiful brains, looking hot and top of the trends but organised and always on time, so everyone you meet just thinks, how does she do it?

Remember earlier, when I mentioned how Calvin Klein is somewhat of a contradiction. This particular brand is known for its simple and elegant look, which is appropriate for everyday life. If you don’t believe me check out some stunning Calvin Klein clothes to pair with these gorgeous Calvin Klein watches. However, these two oval shaped watches below are extraordinarily unique but still stick within the Klein diameter of fashion.

Such as this jaw-dropping Calvin Klein Women’s Steel Dial watch Belt in the shade of silver with a beautifully dark shaded face.

Calvin Klein Watches

This sleek design is inspiration, and it was fashioned in the shape of a belt. Don’t worry it’s not actually a belt, though it would be rather outstanding if it was. And what would look better with this watch than an evening gown, especially in a darker shade. Imagine this ladies, you are dressed in the most beautiful evening gown you have your high-heeled yet comfy glass slippers on and you are dancing with your Prince or Princess charming, you look down at your wrist and see the time is Twelve O’clock, but with your stunning new watch you can breathe out and remember not only is this item one of a kind it’s also swiss made, and only put together with the best components, meaning that nothing will be falling apart when the clock strikes midnight. And Cinderella (in case you didn’t get the metaphor, thats you) can keep partying until the sun comes up.

Another beautiful Cinderella style watch is this Embrace Belt style Watch from Klein.

Calvin Klein Watches

Just looking at this watch didn’t you inhale a little bit, that same sort of feeling you get when you see a stunning pair of shoes that you must own right away! Or a job that you think this is just perfect for me! Carry a little piece of that feeling around with you, everywhere you go with breathtaking watch. This watch would pair beautifully with anything that’s in this season, is simple stainless steel colouring and polished finish means it won’t clash with any bold print of material, but its unique design will compliment this seasons over-the-top styling. Its curved bracelet will make you embrace this designer and makes this watch look almost part of you.Oh, and did I forget to mention, its on sale right now!

Calvin Klein has not failed to impress with any of his watches this season, but if you are in more of a summer mood, then check out these beautiful lighter watches which will look just right with those summer dresses you have finally gotten to wear!

This luxurious Gold Women’s Snake PVD bracelet with a Silver Dial, is so bold and bright it’s dazzling, and I love it!

Calvin Klein

It’s perfectly symmetrical snake inspired bracelet is so fabulously detailed that it will add a touch of texture to any outfit on any occasion. This stunning flawless piece would pair beautifully with a light maxi dress and sun hat, wedges and a bikini. It doesn’t matter if you go simple and floral this summer, or mis it up with the new trends? This watch will look flawless with each and every fashion choice you make. This bright shade of gold is almost unimaginable, its beautiful colour would only improve in every weather. Catching the light in the sun, and bringing the brightness in the winter. Totally a must have in a true fashionistas wardrobe.

But if Gold just isn’t your colour, then don’t despair this baby also comes in the unbeatable shade of Rose Gold.

Rose gold Calvin Klein

Pair this watch in the shade of Rose Gold with casual everyday outfits, especially this seasons bold and bright look. This stunner would look outstanding with some velvet, whether it’s velvet skirts, dresses or tops. Trust me when I say you will wow everyone and take compliments about how they compliment each other.

Finally, if neither shade of gold is your thing, then don’t despair because it also comes in a shade of sexy silver, which is perfect for those posh summer dinners and BBQ’s you go too.

Silver Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein watches have proven to of been something of an art form.The simple and elegance comes from the low use of colours and added embellishments, but the originality comes from the manipulation of the shapes and designs of the jewellery. So if you love the watches above then wait for these runway-worthy killer watches.

I’m just going to put here right now that this fabulous Blue Mother of Pearl watch is on sale right now! So I would hurry up because it really is one of a kind.

Calvin Klein

I mean, wow! Where do I even start. I suppose the part your eyes are drawn to straight away. This spectacular shade of blue (and as I keep saying, blue goes with everything) the face and dial of this watch is in so many tones, that it almost looks like velvet. This luscious head turning watch is in-cased by two steel bagels that support the beautiful face, almost like a trees roots holding a precious flower. Now, I truly believe that not a single item of clothes or accessories cannot  be made casual. However, I think I have lost the battle with this watch as it is so extremely beautiful that it should only be worn on special occasions.

And finally, on today’s Calvin Klein watches we have the stunning and simple minimalist black mesh watch.

Calvin Klein

This watch is the LBD of watches. It will look beautiful with pretty much everything you own, but a word of advice pair with with matching gold jewellery as not too take away from the beautiful gold CK logo on clock face. It is also exceptionally sophisticated that the hands are in fit with the oversized logo. The simple yet detailed bracelet will look stunning with all textures and materials, this watch would look phenomenal with a bright coloured (yellow, green or blue) faux fur jacket or a sequinned skirt. Or try out the new plastic trend skirts and see how daring yet simple you are.

But don’t panic, this watch also comes in silver and gold. So why not get all three and mix up your everyday watch wardrobe so you are always on time and fashionable.

Pair these watches with any Calvin Klein item for a flawless and well designed look.

Stay tuned ladies.

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