Hugo Boss Summer Offers


Summer is finally here and we’re officially #lovinit. With the sun shining, all the windows in our office open and my desk fan on full blast I think I’m just about cool enough to write a little guide about the top summer sale watches from Hugo Boss.


Hugo Boss watches are very popular on our website mostly due to their affordable price and high fashion style. We stock many models for both men and women equally but I would be lying if I said we didn’t sell a lot more timepieces to men than women.

Every now and again our representative from Hugo Boss will come and visit with a little briefcase full of ‘newness‘ models that are about to be released and Mark, the General Manager of our store in Kenilworth gets to have a sneak peak at whats to come.

When I get the chance I also like to make an excuse to go over to the store and have a look and see if I can get the new inside scoop on what models and styles are about to come out.

Our last visit from the Rep was better than normal as we we’re offered a bundle of five different timepieces on special offer and therefore we can extend this offer to you lovely people. These five models are in a variety of styles and materials and unfortunately ladies are just for men.


I thought we would take a look at each model and I’ll let you know what I like about each as well as anything that Hugo Boss have emphasised to us as a USP (unique selling point) or anything that just catches my attention whether its dial colour, materials used or design style.

Hugo-boss-special-offers-1513410Men’s Cape Town Watch – 1513410

First up we have this men’s Hugo Boss from their Cape Town collection, its model code is 1513410 and it retails at £99.00 however we have it currently on sale at £59.40 which is an absolute bargain for the amount of watch you are getting.

The one feature I instantly pick up on is how blue the watch is, the dial is a bumpy pattern finished with a blue coating which gives it a nice shimmer in the sunlight and the genuine leather strap which has also been coloured blue on the outside and orange on the underside. The case is made from 316L stainless steel which has been left as a matte finish to give the watch a more rugged appearance rather than a polished finish which you might expect to see on a more luxury brand dress watch.

The crown has the traditional stainless steel embossed grip with the orange rubber band around it which we see on almost all Hugo Boss models and the dial itself has been carefully designed to make sure that it has all the elements necessary without looking too cluttered. They have removed the 12 o’clock number marker so that the Hugo Boss logo can sit nicely within the dial without being too close to anything else.

The hour and minute hands are as bold as we would expect on a Hugo Boss and have also been coated in a luminous paint to ensure readability in the dark. One other feature I did notice is that they have not painted the hour markers in this same luminous paint so when reading the time in the dark might readable but not always accurate.

The watches case is 46mm from side to side and is 12mm thick so it will fit on the wrist of most men with ease and thanks to the leather strap is easily adjustable to fit the circumference of your wrist without the need to have any links removed.

The quartz movement itself is powered by a battery and is very accurate, it comes with a 2 year Hugo Boss guarantee which covers all of the inner workings of the watch from any faults or issues you may have. As always it comes with an official manufacturers issue box and any papers however please note that not many Hugo Boss watches come with instructions in the box anymore as this can all be found online due to the company trying to take more of an environmentalist outlook on their carbon footprint.


Men’s Copenhagen Grey PVD-1550059

Second up on our top five summer deals is this metal PVD bracelet watch from the Copenhagen collection. It’s a great watch to wear on an evening out with a smart casual suit or to wear to work on a day to basis.

The case and bracelet are made from 316L stainless steel which has been coated in a gunmetal grey PVD paint so it can withstand daily use as well as some bumps and knocks. The dial is also grey but is a slightly different tone to give it a bit of separation from the case and bracelet.

Something I did quite like about this particular model is the ‘TEN’ written in place of the 10 o’clock marker which adds a bit of something different to the otherwise very classic simple style design of the watches face.

The hour and minute hand tips have been coated in luminous paint and this even helps you tell the time at a quick glance in the day too as the white lighter paint stands out against the dial. The watch features the classic Hugo Boss crown with the orange rubber ring and has been coated in the grey PVD to keep the colour theme throughout.

You can fully adjust the bracelet by adding or removing links either yourself or by a local jewellers (please be careful if you do it yourself as accidental damage is not covered under your guarantee). The watch is 42mm from edge to edge and 8 mm thick which makes this model quite thin and the perfect width to fit nicely on your wrist without looking to over sized.

It is 50 metres water resistant so can be worn in the swimming pool and in the shower however as always I would always recommend you do take it off unless you need to wear it, just in case any moisture does build up under the dial. As with all Hugo Boss watches it comes with the classic orange manufacturers box and the two year guarantee.


Men’s Detroit Black Rubber – 1550006

Third up on our list is this very bold timepiece from the Detroit collection and its not for fans of subtlety. It’s dark black silicone strap and black dial really make this watch stand out from your wrist.

The dial features a date and day display as two subdials at the 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock positions and there are a variety of different minute and hour markers around the dial which are also set in black which can make them a little hard to see but they definitely make the watch appear less cluttered.

This fantastic Detroit watch is powered by a quartz battery movement all contained within the 316L stainless steel case and mineral crystal glass to keep it safe from the harshness of everyday life.

The watch also features a small 24 hours display at the 9 o’clock position. The watches hour, minute and sub dial hands have been painted in light grey and orange to make them stand out against the black dial. The watch is great for athletic activities thanks to the silicone strap making it both light weight and non absorbent to sweat, it is also 50 metres water resistant so feel free to wear it in the pool or shower!

As with all Hugo Boss watches this will arrive in the official Hugo Boss packaging box and has a 2 year guarantee.


Men’s Detroit Blue Rubber – 1550008

Fourth on our summer sale list for Hugo Boss is this very blue timepiece which is also from the Detroit collection. Unlike its black partner model this one is much easier to read but definitely has a busy aesthetic to the dial.

As you’ve probably noticed it is the same as the Detroit 1550006 in features and materials just a different colour but this actually makes a huge difference to the watches style. I would personally prefer to wear this one when working out or doing a sporting leisure activity as its much easier to read at a quick glance. No one like squinting to read their watch whilst trying to run on a treadmill.

The watches dial features a day display, date display and  24 hour display all on the watches dial in minimalist sub dials which are painted white to make them stand out against the deep blue dial. The case of the watch is made from 316L stainless steel which has been left with a brushed effect to emphasise the Hugo Boss style.

It measures 48mm across and 12 mm thick making it a little thicker than the metal 1550059 but I think with some watches bigger is definitely better and this watch is a great example of this.

(On a little side note if you like big faced watches then definitely checkout TW Steel!)

The water is 50 metres water resistant so you can swim and shower in it which makes it even more perfect for the gym. As always it comes in a Hugo Boss official orange box and a two year guarantee.


Men’s Copenhagen Blue Dial – 1550058

This timepiece from the Copenhagen collection is the perfect accessory to any mans wrist, its silver bracelet and blue dial adds sophistication and style to your wrist and outfit. The simplicity in the dials design makes it a great dress watch that can easily be applied to your every day outfit when needed.

The choice of a rich blue is a perfect accompaniment to the stainless steel bracelet and case and something that I would definitely wear on a regular basis if I owned this timepiece. The 10 o’clock marker has been replaced with the word ‘TEN’ which is a nice subtle design flourish which I’m a big fan off.

The watch is 42mm across and 8mm thick making it lightweight even with the metal bracelet and a nice standard size for your wrist too! You never want one that is too big and hangs over your wrist.

The Copenhagen collection is one of my favourite collections from Hugo Boss mostly due to the ability to wear any of the watches in this collection with almost any outfit or to any occasion. Their design style is perfect.

As with all watches from Hugo Boss this watch comes with a full manufacturers warranty of 2 years and is packaged in the official manufactures orange box.



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