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Historic Watch Brands


Telling the time has been a capability we have had in various forms since 1,500BC. We have tracked the movements of the sun with sun dials as well as water clocks in the past. Watch brands began to appear in the mid 1800’s when there was the creation of pocket watches and wrist watches. Historic brands such as Tissot, Certina and Movado have been creating watches for over 150 years and can define themselves as a luxury and desired brand not only for their watches but for their long heritage.


Tissot started in 1853 when Charles-Félicien Tissot who was a gold case fitter at the time and his son Charles-Émile who was a watch maker collaborated their skills and founded “Charles-Félicien Tissot & Son”, a shop located in Switzerland. Together they created a range of pocket watches and pendant watches which were rich in detail and mainly in the colour gold. In the 1800’s, Tissot created watches which were mainly for export, it was in 1858 that they started distributing to the Russian empire.

In 1907, Charles Tissot built a factory in Switzerland, which is still today where the company’s headquarters are found. The next move for the brand was in 1910 when they began making wrist watches for women, many of them set with diamonds. After this success they then created wrist watch for men, before they began the peak of trend in between the world wars. Their style was influenced by contemporary fashion of the time but it was their technical advancements which helped them stand out as they created the worlds first non-magnetic wristwatch which forever changed the watch market. After this Tissot started creating their own movement so that they could create luxury watches at an affordable price.

Today Tissot provide a variety of luxury watches for men and women which specialise in different complications. Our top pick in the mens selection would be T-race Cycling Chronograph Black Silicone Strap.


This timepiece presents an alluring and sporty style, a tribute to the tour de France. This watch comes in a all black with a durable silicone dial. The functions of this watch include glowing hands, chronograph, date display and more.

From the women’s collection we recommend Everytime Small Sapphire Silver Dial which styles a classic look which represents the brands history.


This timepiece is elite in style as it features roman numerals on the dial along with the date ‘1853’, which was when the brand first began. It is a luxury watch without the luxury price tag as this model is in the middle of the spectrum in terms of price.


In 1888, Certina was created by two brothers Adolf and Alfred Kurth in the town of Grenchen, Switzerland. They started working in the jura mountains in the annex of the family home. When they first began creating watches they named their brand ‘Grana’. It wasn’t until the 1930’s that this watch brand became Certina. The name derives from the latin name certus which means ‘sure’. Certina have been represented by the turtle shell since the 1960’s as it is a tribute to the longevity and robustness, characteristics which are embedded within the creation of all Certina watches.

Since the brand was first created to now, it has accomplished expeditions up Dhaulagiri and Mount Everest, deep dives as well as taking part in the sealab project, all with the Certina DS, a shockproof watch which is 20metres water resistant, changing the market of watches in the 1960’s.

Certina offer a selection of watches for both men and women, from the mens collection we recommend Ds Action Precidrive 300m Watch which is elite in style and function.


This watch is perfect for those that prioritise water resistance, as with most Certina watches this watch is waterproof up to 200metres. It’s functions include a rotting bezel, glowing hands, date display and is protected by scratch resistant sapphire glass. This watch is not only sturdy but handsome in style with the combination of highly polished stainless steel and black dial.

From the ladies selection we have chosen DS Steel Podium Lady Automatic.


If you have a taste for luxury then Certina will hit the spot with this model. It shows off a mother of pearl dial, date display and is 100metres water resistant so suited if you go for a swim.


The begin of the Junghans brand started back in 1861 when Erhard Junghans and his brother in law created the Zeller & Junghans movement. It was not the time when they began making whole watches but it was the very start. In 1903, Junghans grew from two brothers to 3000 employers making over three million watches a year. At the time, their watch and clock factory was the biggest in the world. The 1930’s was when Junghans started to make wrist watches of their own design and manufacture.

Over the years, Junghans have accomplished the art of precision and have even been the timekeepers of the 1972 world Olympics which took place in Munich.

For those men who like a watch which is highly functional with an exceptional look then we recommend Milano Mega Solar Black Stainless Steel from their mens collection.


This watch is a combination of German and Italian creation. It’s functions include water resistance up to 50m, radio controlled timekeeping for ultimate precision even when you travel. This watch is protected by sapphire glass and is solar powered which means that it doesn’t need a battery replacement.

For the ladies we recommend the exquisite Max Bill Ladies Quartz.


This is the kind of watch that can be worn to accessories an outfit as it is bold enough to stand out. If your favourite colour happens to be the same rich royal blue that matches your favourite bag and shoes then this is the model for you.

All of the watches mentioned in this blog are currently in stock. If you have any questions about these historic luxury brands then please don’t hesitate to get in contact on our website, via phone on 01926298499 or if you are local to the midlands then you can also visit our watch shop on Kenilworth high street, happy shopping!

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