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Women’s Luxury Watches Without the Price Tag

price tag

If you have a luxury wardrobe and glamorous attire perhaps you are looking for a luxury timepiece to match. A formal event or a job interview which you want to make a good impression might also be another occasion you are looking for a timepiece which really shows off your sophisticated side.

Every person is different when it comes to valuing an item and deeming it luxury. Here at First Class Watches we stock a range of different brands some of them in the high price range and others in the low. We understand that finding the right timepiece is important to you, therefore we thought we would recommend a range of timepieces in the luxury category of our products to see if you can find the watch you have been searching for.

Hugo Boss Black Silver Dial Day & Date Sub Dial Crystal Set Pink Leather

Hugo boss black

Starting with a luxury brand which is on the lower end of the spectrum in terms of price, Hugo Boss Black, a brand which was founded in 1924 in Germany. This pink leather timepiece is a good example of a luxury timepiece that won’t break the bank but is still elite in terms of its look and function. This watch features a crystal set bezel as well as date display, day display and has glowing markers, optimal for telling the time in the dark. The style of this watch is perfect for a sophisticated women with a feminine edge, a great accessory to add to a work style or formal evening attire.

Michel Herbelin Ambassador Women’s Stainless Steel City Mother Of Pearl Dial

michel herbelin

Michel Herbelin are notorious for their highly polished glamorous watches. They were founded in 1947 in France at the heart of the Jura mountains. Their brand ethos for making watches is that they are high quality with a touch of elegance. This exquisite watch from their Ambassador collection is highly detailed on both the bracelet and dial with a mother of pearl dial and a highly polished silver case. This model by Michel Herbelin is currently on sale so is part of our low spectrum of luxury watches, if you like the look of this timepiece then hurry whilst stocks last!

Movado Women’s Bold Carnation Soft Rose And Gold Leather


The history of the brand Movado is intertwined with modern art. Movado timepieces are featured in the permanent collections of museums worldwide, they have won over 200 awards for watch design and time technology. Movado timepieces are iconic in style and not only are luxury in their design but in their name. They feature a minimalistic design which is combined with bold colour as well as the dot which is featured at the 12 o’clock mark of all their models. This timepiece sits in the middle mark of the luxury price spectrum and is perfect for both formal work meeting and informal day to day wear.

Junghans Max Bill Lady Quartz


Junghans was a brand founded in 1861 and is a German watch brand. They are known for their high quality timepieces and classic minimalistic style which are elite in function. This watch is good for someone who takes part in not only a luxurious lifestyle but an active one. If you take regular holidays by the pool or happen to be a regular swimmer then you will be pleased to know that this model is water resistant. The colour of the calfskin strap is a rich royal blue the height of sophistication and class. This model can be worn for many different occasions, from a sunny beach to the formal demands of the work place.

EBEL Women’s Wave Moonphase Stainless Steel Watch


Last but by no means least on our recommendations for luxury timepieces is this beautiful model by EBEL. This brand was founded in 1911 and is know as a luxury Swiss watch brand. The timepiece from their collection we are recommending you today is not only elite in its style but also function. Not only does this watch feature date display, it is also a moonphase watch which means that it also tracks the lunar cycle. The bezel on this watch is crystal set and the bracelet is uniquely curved for a modern twist. This watch is on the higher end of the spectrum in its price but well worth it for the luxury feel.

If you like any of the watches mentioned in this blog post then please don’t hesitate to get in contact via our website or via phone on 01926298499, happy shopping.

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