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The Oris Clipperton Limited Edition

01 733 7730 4185-Set RS - Oris Clipperton Limited Edition

Luxury Swiss watch brand Oris released the Oris Clipperton limited edition watch to help support the ongoing conservation of the Clipperton Atoll, the most remote island on the planet. The timepiece is available in a metal bracelet version and a rubber strap version. The first thing you notice about this watch is the stunning blue gradient dial which was inspired by the deep blue and light sky blue gradients that the shoreline and coral around the atoll shows off on a daily basis thanks to the flourishes of life that live on and around this remote island.

Oris’ mission is very simple, so simple in fact that it consists of two main points. TO PROTECT AND CONSERVE. Oris understand the importance of our seas around the world and are fighting to keep it protected and conserve any life that lives within it. When a internationally known brand such as Oris backs such an important project it really gives it the outreach that it deserves. I actually made a video a few weeks ago regarding this watch which you can view here:

There are other watch brands that do take a strong interest in diving such as Seiko with their PADI collection and Citizen with their Promaster collection however these two are not Swiss like Oris. Oris have a strong link to diving both deep sea and just offshore and this helps them to understand the importance of protecting the seas surrounding us, divers see on a day to day basis the effects that human society is having on the worlds seas from rubbish, pollution, spillages and irresponsible dumping. Whilst governments around the world are working hard to clean up our oceans there is still a long way to go and there will always be people that aren’t as willing to cooperate with the oceans clean ups.

When a company take a real interest in environmental matters it really speaks out to their consumers resonating with them and building a relationship built on mutual kindness and caring for the natural world. When I started working at First Class Watches we didn’t have Oris as a brand so since adding them to our brand portfolio we have learnt more and more about the brands heritage and philosophy which has in turn has prompted us to promote and talk about the brand due to their relatability and  active drive to help.

01 733 7730 4185-Set RS - Oris Clipperton Limited Edition
01 733 7730 4185-Set RS – Oris Clipperton Limited Edition

When you are looking for a watch brand you want to find one that really speaks to you, a brand who’s ethics and philosophy you can really get behind. Watches to most people who are interested in them are more than just a nice looking timepiece which they can wear for an event or even day to day use. When I look for a watch I like to read into the brand, the history and where they grew from, I like reading about their limited edition models and their brand ambassadors to see who and what they support and why.

The Oris clipperton is a perfect example of this, its a timepiece that resonates with their target audience so well. People who are serious about diving will definitely have heard of Oris and may even own one already, their watches are all Swiss made and draw inspiration from a range of sources. This particular model is stainless steel with both polishes and matte brushed sections on the case, bezel, bracelet and clasp. This gives the watch a stunning reflection both above and below water and gives the watch a luxury feel which justifies the price tag. Whilst Oris watches are more expensive than maybe a quartz or a kinetic watch you know what you are paying for is of the upmost quality, made from only the best materials which have been precisely manufactured to give you the most professional timepiece for your money.

The Clipperton watch is powered by an automatic winding date movement which (for those of us who like to know the tech specs) is a Oris 733 base SW 200-1, It’s dimensions are  Ø 25.60 mm, 11 1/2’’’, it comprises 26 jewels, completes 28,800 A/h, 4Hz and has a impressive power reserve of 38 hours when full wound. The watch boasts a list of high end functions such as instantaneous date window, a date corrector, fine timing device and stop-second. Other features of the watch include  centre hands for hours, minutes and seconds as well as an automatic winding bu-directionally rotating red rotor.

Clipperton Atoll
The Clipperton Atoll – The most remote island in the world

One thing to note about Oris is they do not cut corners, whilst other brands may mix and match cheap materials for parts to save pennies on the watches cogs or movement it is important to note that Oris do not. What you get when you purchase an Oris timepiece is a quality driven, professional standard timepiece not a quantity built low quality timepiece. For example take the hour makers and hands most watch brands would just coat them in a luminous paint and that would be it but for Oris this is not enough. The  Indices and hands are coated with a premium standard Superluminova BG W9 to ensure readability even in poor or low lighting situations and environments, this reinforces this brand as a robustly build timepiece of the highest quality and the only watch you would want on your wrist when you need to rely on it. If you would like to read more about watches you can see in the dark then we have just the post for you which you can read here and we also did one specifically for women’s watches here.

The watch is limited to only 2000 pieces worldwide and comes in a unique collectors presentation box made to the same high quality as their timepieces, this is a watch that will retain its value throughout time and is the ideal gift to pass down through your family for generations to come.

We hope you liked this article about the Oris Clipperton Limited Edition, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us on 01926 298 499 or alternatively you can email us



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