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The Casio Edifice EQB-501D-1AER, a bluetooth connected smartwatch, perfect for everyday wear. With technologies continually advancing, Casio lead the way with their edifice collection. Multi function chrono watches that are actively forwarding the evolution of electronic technologies. Combining a fusion of dynamic forms with elaborate face designs, and providing leading edge advancements. Along with unique original functions via various hand movements transporting bluetooth watches to new realms.

Edifice, the watch that recognises the value of speed and time, 
for people who live in the moment!


Today we are looking closer at the Casio Edifice EQB-501D-1AER, a fantastic watch at a great price point. If you are looking at purchasing a Casio Edifice watch, or want to know more about one you already own then this video is a must watch for you, where we walk you through some of the most important basic features of the watch to help you get started and set your watch up properly. The watch connects to your smartphone (IOS or Android)  via the bluetooth function, which then allows you to set and adjust the different features on the watch. Featuring many different features including an alarm, phone finder, stopwatch, two time zones and many more. Whether it is the EQB-501D of any other Edifice watch, the premise is very similar, many functions may vary, but the important hand alignment and airplane mode settings remain the same. These being one of the most common reasons we see watches not functioning as they should, we feel that it is important to make information about these features much more available for people to see.

Check out the video below;

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