Women’s Products Other Than Watches

Products other than watches?

There are several brands we stock that sell a wide variety of products other than watches. We sometimes find as a shoppers that we really like a product we have bought from a company and then go back to have a look at other products that the company can offer. So we thought it would be useful for our customers to know which brands branch out and sell more than just watches.

Products other than watches?

Brand’s with other products:

Thomas sabo

Thomas Sabo is a brand well known for its intricately designed and highly fashionable timepieces. They stock a variety of collections to choose from which means you can pick a watch that suits your unique style. If you have a watch made by Thomas Sabo and really like the style then you might also like their jewellery collection which we also stock on our website. There are lots of different types of jewellery to choose from, starting with a charm collection which has recently been relaunched, to bracelets and necklaces which can be a great combination with you existing timepiece (that’s if you have one, if not we highly recommend this highly fashionable brand).

Ted Baker

Ted Baker has been a well established brand since the late 1980’s. They have not only created a successful watch brand, they are also well known for being a company with a superior clothes collection. If you look for clothes which are more than ordinary and are labelled with the sought after ‘designer’ look then look no further. The clothes they design and sell aren’t just the jeans that compliment your figure but also the undergarments that give you a boost of confidence throughout the day. If all the above isn’t enough to satisfy your Ted Baker craving then they also have a jewellery collection which are well suited to the watches that we stock here at First Class Watches which can help you accessorise your outfit to perfection.


Our third and final recommendation for our brands with unexpected surprises is Guess. We stock some of their reasonably priced and well fashioned models which are worth having a scroll through. Guess, just like Ted Baker, are another brand who also have a clothing company in which they ship all over the world. If you are the kind of woman who ensures that their outfit matches from head to toe then you will be pleased to find that Guess also boast an exquisite bag collection, as well as a jewellery collection, so can accessorise to your unique style.

If any of these brands take your fancy for their timepieces then please do get into contact via our website or via phone on 01926298499, happy shopping!

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