Baselworld Review: The Best Watches of 2018

What a week we had at Baselworld 2018. As usual, the worlds the greatest watch manufacturers were in attendance to show off the latest and greatest timepieces. Whether you like traditional luxury watches or incredible watches full of amazing complications, you’ll certainly have found it at Baselworld.

Today we’re going to look through the best of Baselworld to find the best watches of 2018. There were jaw dropping watches from some manufacturers you’ve heard of and outstanding watches from those you haven’t. Let’s take the time to check out the watches you’re going to dream about owning this year!

Seiko Presage SJE073

Seiko usually live by the philosophy “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” – so it’s very rare to see them introducing new movements. Fans of Seiko watches have been excited about this new addition to the Presage range and will absolutely see it as one of the best watches of 2018. The watch itself is absolutely beautiful and unbelievably thin. The 6R15 movement is only 3.7mm which is much thinner than the movements in previous Seiko watches.

There is only going to be a limited run of 1,881 watches – so people who want one will need to get in there fast! But it is very likely that we will see a wider range of Seiko watches using the 6R15 movement to look forward to checking out in the future.

Patek Philippe 5968A Aquanaut Chrono

It’s impossible to find a Patek watch which is not absolutely desirable. Every serious watch collector has at least one Patek Philippe watch in their collection. The 5968 Aquanaut Chrono looks like it could be the Patek watch everyone wants to add to their collection. This is the first watch in the Aquanaut range which has a chronograph movement. It is made out of steel and has an incredible bold design which makes it stand out. This watch stands in sharp contrast to Patek’s usual classic design and should be a hit with younger watch aficionados who want something more modern.

Omega Seamaster 1948

Omega are going back to their roots here with a new Seamaster produced for the 70th anniversary of the first Seamaster release. These new limited edition timepieces are modelled on the original Omega Seamaster and really feel like you’re taking a step back in time to the 1940’s. This is certainly one of the best watches of 2018, thanks to its stunningly beautiful look. Anyone who wants to pay homage to one of the greatest wrist watches of all time will need to be quick because there won’t be many produced!

Zenith Defy Classic

Zenith might have finally produced a watch which can come out of the shadow of its legendary El Primero timepiece. This new addition to the Defy collection is certainly one which will have real mass appeal. This watch features a sleek titanium case and a fantastic automatic movement – which may not quite make it fit into the high-technology Defy range, but it somehow just works! This is certainly one of those high-end luxury watch which you will be happy to wear every day.

Rolex GMT-Master II

People have been waiting patiently for Rolex to revisit the GMT range in the way they have done with the Daytona and Sea Dweller. The device has been reworked with a new colour scheme (the red and blue bezel looks amazing!), the case has been refined and the movement has been upgraded. This watch reaches the undoubted quality that Rolex always strive for and is an absolute must-have for any Rolex enthusiast. It is be no surprise to hear that a Rolex watch is one of the best watches of 2018 and it’ll be no surprise to see watch collectors rushing to add this to the collection straight away.

Bulova Oceanographer 666

Bulova have unveiled a fantastic reissue of one of their classic diver watches which people will be dying to add to their collection. The watch, colloquially known as the “Devil Diver”, has been produced in conjunction with Analog/Shift and is a fantastic reproduction of the original watch. The Oceanographer 666 looks almost exactly the same as the original device, apart from the bigger case. This watch is certainly geared towards those watch obsessives and those who loved the original but never managed to get their hands on one. That said, this stands on its own as one of the best watches of 2018 and anyone who wants a top quality diver will love owning one of these!

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