Women’s Watches for March

Women's watches for march

It is that time once again when we look at the colour of the month, this time featuring March. March is a highly anticipated month, especially at First Class Watches, as we can say goodbye to the winter blues and enjoy our first glimpse of the colourful spring ahead.

The colour white symbolises purity, innocence, cleanliness and the start of a new beginning. This might explain why the original roman calendar started with the month of march, as it symbolised spring which is in itself a new beginning.

Women's watches for march

A look at March in history…

It is in the month of March that holds the celebration of Albert Einstein’s birthday, a man who changed the research of science forever as he developed his theory of relativity. It was also in march that the spanish flu came over to Europe from America unfortunately taking with it the lives of over 100 million. On the less morbid side of history it was on the 2nd March 1933 that the motion picture King Kong first premiered, a classic at the time.

It is fascinating to look back on history not only for educational purposes but also to remind ourselves of how much industries such as the film industry has evolved.

Here is a look at the trailer:

On to the timepieces…

Citizen Womens Axiom Rose Gold-Plated

Citizen Women’s Axiom Gold-Plate White Ceramic Leather Strap Watch

A watch designed by citizen for those who prefer a minimalist style as it features an all white strap and dial with a rose gold case. There are no markers on the dial, only a simple date display and hands for an elegant twist. Citizen’s timepieces are well suited to formal business environments but also informal days out with the girls. This model is currently on sale so add it to your bag whilst you can!

Product code: GA1053-01A

Thomas Sabo Bracelet 15cm Charm Carrier

Thomas Sabo Jewellery Bracelet 15cm Charm Carrier White 925 Sterling Silver/ Freshwater Pearl

Not only do the Thomas Sabo Jewellery collection make a great gift but also an elegant addition to your outfit. This pearly white charm bracelet has the gift of going with almost any outfit in your wardrobe and also glows in a way which will have your friends asking ‘where did you get that?’. It will perfectly match formal occasions but also your well chosen outfit choices of the day for more informal events.

Product code: X0041-082-14-S

Michel Herbelin Womens Newport Connected

Michel Herbelin Womens Newport Connect White Rubber Strap White Dial

If you are looking for a watch that does more that look pretty on your wrist then this Michel Herbelin timepiece might be your solution. It represents a fine look with advanced technology which has the ability to track your sleep and pair with your phone to send notifications. It is fashioned with a rose gold case and white strap for the up most style and sophistication.

Product code: 2017.LC/TR11CW

If you are interested in any of the accessories mentioned in this blog then please don’t hesitate to get in contact via our website or via phone on 01926298499, happy shopping!

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