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Victorinox I.N.O.X Limited Edition


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The new I.N.O.X Carbon limited Edition watch from Victorinox Swiss Army. 50% lighter and 5x more resistant than steel, the new I.N.O.X. Carbon Limited Edition features a 43 mm scratch resistant case crafted from carbon. International Safety Orange, the colour has been chosen for the limited edition’s para-chord strap, used on NASA space suits, the fuselage of the first plane to break the sound barrier, and is also the official colour of the Golden Gate bridge. This uniquely designed strap doubles down as life saving equipment if it was needed, made from a multi-strand nylon cord, the whole strap can unravel into a strong rope if a survival situation arose. This feature fits in perfectly with the additional built in flash light accessory making the watch perfect all throughout the night, and in the event of any danger. The Carbon element is part of two limited edition series, this 1,000 piece collection comes with an additional khaki rubber strap, which combines functionality with style.

This limited edition Victorinox watch is delivered in a shockproof box with an exclusive must have camouflage Spartan Swiss Army Knife, an additional rubber strap and a special bumper with a removable flashlight. The stunning orange strap, and the unique carbon case make this watch perfect for out in the field, or as a fashion piece if you would prefer.

Victorinox Swiss Army

Victorinox Swiss Army have been trading for over 25 years now. Located in the Swiss Jura, the brand aims to combine timelessness, reliability and functionality. Thanks to their continued commitment and dedication to quality and attention to detail they have been able to establish themselves as a top competitor in the Swiss watchmaking market.

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