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Should I buy my girlfriend a watch?

watches for girlfriends

I want to buy my girlfriend a watch, is this a good idea?

This is a question we seem to get a lot on our social media and through emails from a lot of customers who either own a watch or a few watches and are looking for a gift to get their girlfriend for a birthday, seasonal holiday or celebration. The issue is that most people see watches as a predominantly male accessory when there are so many amazing girls watches out there that brands are trying so hard to showcase to you. It is true that the watch market is mostly male but there is a growing market for women’s watches especially fitness watches which you can read about here.  Girls do actually like watches, next time you are out on a night out or even at a work meeting take a look around and see which girls are wearing a watch, its more than likely that over 50% of the ladies are wearing one.

How do I chose the perfect watch for her?

You can’t just walk in to a jewellery store or watch retailer and pick any watch you see you still need to put some thought into the type of watch your girlfriend will want, the brand that suites her best, the features that would be best suited to her etc in other word you need to do a bit of undercover work especially if it is a surprise gift. Find out what styles your girlfriend likes for example if she is a free spirit and very adventurous then Thomas Sabo might be best for her with their unique style and rebellious attitude. Maybe your girlfriend is really into nature and likes floral patterns with washed out colours and thin light styles then maybe a Ted Baker watch is more suited. If she is into technology and likes gadgets with advanced functionality then maybe a Kronaby watch would be a better choice especially with its selfie taking feature.

kronaby watches for my girlfriend

Next take in to account where your girlfriend might wear the watch is she someone who likes to accessorise her outfits every morning or someone who only wears bracelets and necklaces on special occasions such as a work night out or when going for a job interview. Perhaps if she is going to a sophisticated evening soiree a more upper class watch is required. If so then we would suggest taking a look at our more premium luxury brands such as Maurice Lacroix, Raymond Weil or even Ebel. these brands are amongst some of the most expensive we sell however it is easy to see why, their sophisticated elegant style and professional finish is second to none.

wewood watches for my girlfriend

Maybe the lucky woman in your life is more of a Eco friendly lady, if so there’s no need to panic watch brands have thought of everything and brands such as Wewood have some stunning watches that are perfectly suited to the lady who cares about her footprint she is leaving behind on the world. Even one of our luxury brands named Mondaine have released a environmentally conscious collection of watches called the Essence collection which we now stock and are available on our store.

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