Acctim Radio Controlled Watches

acctim radio controlled watches

Radio Controlled watches are definitely a highly sought after feature in today’s watch markets due to its auto correctional functionality and easy of use. Once set up correctly (home reference positions etc) then the watch will receive a radio signal between 12 and 2AM every single night from one of the radio towers that the brand uses. Acctim are a market leader for radio controlled timepieces, the international watch brand has a strong philosophy encompassing British traits such as warmth and honesty. Their “no-nonsense” watches have a very straight set design and focus more on functionality than having complicated sub dials. They use the highest grade materials combined with cutting edge technology to produce their timepieces which are improving lives with their functionality.

Acctim Radio controlled technology

Acctim radio controlled watches hold their technology and features at the top of their selling points and rightly so, the functional technology in these simplistic looking watches is outstanding. Acctim uses a combination of Atomatiq® dual-band radio controlled movements interlinked in with the Acctim Autoset® technology in their watches to produce some of the best watches for visually impaired people. Their watches aren’t all for visually impaired individuals as a number of their watches aren’t talking you have to make sure you check the dial as it is written on the dial to make it easy to tell which is and which isn’t. The watches also come with a 10 year battery life so you don’t have to worry about changing the battery anytime soon, this combined with the radio controlled signal receive function means it virtually runs its self.

Acctim have always stated that their main aim is to improve the quality of life through their carefully designed, manufactured world-class functional watch technology and with beautiful British design. They are not only sturdy and reliable but they are very refined and of course, undeniably British.

acctim radio controlled watches



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