Black friday is almost here!

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The American event that has hit the UK by storm is again at our door and we can’t wait for the fun to begin!

Black Friday is on the last Friday of November every year and usually runs until midnight however in more recent years the term ‘Black Friday’ has been stretched somewhat with retailers doing ‘Black November’ and ‘Black Friday Weekend’ so that the fun can last even longer. The event was thought up to get the public spending a lot of money in the run up to Christmas and both retailers and customers seem to love it so it has become common practise at this time of year.

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As with every year First Class Watches will be taking part in Black Friday with up to 70% off our watches and jewellery online and in store at James Moore Jewellers on the Kenilworth High Street. Please usually queue up for hours and hours before with a few even queuing up over night, camping outside the stores doors until they open so that they get first access to the incredible offers that some retailers offer.

The event has made the news every single year for both good and bad reasons, on one hand it gives the public to buy presents for friends and family at incredible discounts and on the other hand the excitement and competition for limited stock can result in violence which has resulted in carnage before. The trick is to be prepared, make a list of everything you are looking for, then look at all the stores which are opening for Black Friday then all that is left to do is plan where and when you need to be at each store to be able to get the products you are after. This avoids pointless spending and unnecessary purchases, also with the web this brings another tool for the customer and the retailer.

You get to avoid the cramped cold queues and you no longer have to fight for the product in store instead you can sit on your warm sofa with a cup of tea or coffee and just wait for midnight, as soon as Big Ben bongs for midnight (although it wont as its down for repair) hit the refresh button, add everything to your basket and checkout!

Like many other watch retailers with online web stores we are getting involved with Black Friday with savings off hundreds of our watches and jewellery, we are going live with event on Thursday at midnight.

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