Seiko Opens London Boutique

Seiko boutique opens in london

It was only a few months ago that Seiko opened their brand new Boutique in London which has the largest selection of Grand Seiko anywhere in Europe which is pretty impressive. They held an inauguration ceremony which was attended by the brands president and CEO of the Seiko Watch brand, Shuji Takahashi who personally invited everyone around the globe to come and visit the new boutique store where he opened a new chapter in the history of the Seiko company in the UK.

There was a few famous faces that joined them at the opening ceremony, these included no other than television presenter and well known comedian Jonathan Ross who has actually been noted on his love for Japan and the Japanese culture. The were also joined by His Excellency Koji Tsuruoka who is the Japanese Ambassador to the UK

“We have long wanted to open a Seiko Boutique in London and I am delighted that we have now found the perfect location where we can show the world the full range of our Seiko and Grand Seiko collections. I can promise every visitor a uniquely enjoyable and informative experience of our watches and of what makes them special. ” – Shuji Takahashi

The new store is located in Knightsbridge which is perfect for the brands target demographic as well as being beautifully styled both inside and out which adds to the brands sophisticated style. The new store on Brompton Road shows off the very best of Seiko, including the Presage, Prospex, Astron GPS and their Premier Collections as well. The store even features a special area which has been solely dedicated to the Grand Seiko brand and has the widest selection of watches anywhere in Europe.

Seiko are encouraging everyone to come and take a look in the new store which allows customers to learn about the brands rich history as well as experience the world of Seiko.

map to seiko store

Seiko Boutique London:
57 Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, London, SW3 1DP

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