Why are Diamond’s a Girl’s Best Friend?


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Diamonds are one of the most popular out of the four most common gemstones and the reason behind it could be the fact that they are indeed a girl’s best friend. The phrase came about in the 1950’s when Marilyn Monroe first sang the song ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ from the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and it was also featured in the iconic film Moulin Rouge which was performed by the beautiful Nicole Kidman. The most recent appearance of this timeless record was in the film Burlesque which was released in 2010 and was sung by the one and only Christina Aguilera.

Whilst this classic has been performed by many female role models, the message for us girl’s is still a important one, as who would say no to a diamond? I certainly wouldn’t…

On that note we thought we would share the great news that we have just got a whole new range of diamond engagement rings in stock which we wanted to show you so that if your partner starts making the hints about dropping down onto one knee you have a better idea of the rock you would like to see on your fourth finger.

Diamond engagement ring

If you are looking for a glittering square diamond engagement ring with attention to detail then this is the ring for you. This gem is radiant with beauty and will certainly compliment the glint in your eye. This is a GIA certified diamond which is 0.30CT and a colour grade D. This little gem is at the low end of the budget spectrum at £1295 and is worth every penny.

There is a link to ring above here.
diamond engagement ring

If you are searching the market for a diamond high in cut and clarity then we might just have the ring for you. This ring is perfect for a woman who is looking for more than just one diamond for their engagement but three. There is no chance that this elegant three piece ring won’t catch the eye of all those friends who are waiting for their partner to pop the question whilst you waltz around with this rock on your finger. This ring is 0.61CT and a colour grade of H, it is at the higher end of the price range at £3195 but with the right partner this ring will be your best friend for life.

There is a link to ring above here.

For some of us girls the phrase ‘less is more’ is something we can better relate to, and if you identify as one of those girls then we may have the diamond for you. Simple yet bold this 0.31 diamond ring is the epiphany of those rings we dream of as we are growing up, at the reasonable price of £1250, this diamond ring might be a contender in the race of becoming the best friend on your fourth finger.

To view our entire collection of engagement rings please feel free to have a look around our website and if you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to get into contact via phone on 01926 298499, happy shopping!

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